India Stuns Pakistan Again In World Cup Cricket With Hopes To Kiss The World Cup Once More

India Stuns Pakistan Again In World Cup Cricket  With Hopes To Kiss The World Cup Once More

India’s victory against Pakistan in semi-final of Cricket World Cup 2011 shall be remembered for a long time. This ‘mother of all the matches’ kept millions across the globe tense and anxious. The result was quite predictable but cricket is game of glorious uncertainties.Right from the beginning, the Indian fans were convinced that Pakistan had little chance of beating India. Both records and attitude of Indian Team signaled India’s victory. The 29 run victory came to confirm the signals of optimism. It had to be 5-0 and the victory made it a reality.

There was a dubious attempt to make the match a political drama. This was sabotaged as India has reached in the final dominated the post-match celebrations. The talk of cricket diplomacy hit the pre-match discussions. This is a sinister affair to make sport a mean to  serve political ends. Why should sport be a medium to better the tense relationship? What’s the need to blend cricket with politics? The premier tournaments should maintain a safe distance from such political dramas. The game should be treated like a game and not a round table conference.

Let’s talk about role of Tendulkar as well. Many dull headed critics always accuse him of never playing a match winning innings even as the record books suggest otherwise. In the very first clash between India and Pakistan in 1992 World Cup, played in Australia, Sachin was awarded Man-of-the-match. Sachin again made India attain victory over Pakistan in 2003 World Cup clash in South Africa by his classic innings of 98 runs. Needless to state, he was once again the Man-of-the-match.

India Stuns Pakistan Again In World Cup Cricket  With Hopes To Kiss The World Cup Once More

Now at Mohali in 2011, we once again witnessed how he made Pakistan away from the door of victory. True, the lady luck made him survive four dismissal chances but can we deny the fact that his runs shaped the victory of India ? I am happy that all biased analysts will now think twice before stupidly suggesting that Tendulkar’s big innings are sometimes bad omens and counter-productive. Or, for that matter, just better his individual records! Oh yes, sounding deja vu, he became Man-of-the-match at Mohali as well!

Lastly, the Indian team has displayed a rare spirit. It’s now playing more like an organized group. It’s indicative of the fact that the Indians have gained the ability to perform better in tougher conditions.It also shows that team is learning the art to play as group and not as one man show. It’s time to deliver this collective spirit once again to make World Cup ours after we kissed it in 1983. Sri Lanka is a very good team. Let’s not blue waves commit the fatal blunder of ignoring the mighty roar of Sri Lankan lions. It’s time to tame the lions! It’s time to kiss the World Cup again!

India Stuns Pakistan Again In World Cup Cricket  With Hopes To Kiss The World Cup Once More

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  1. सुन्दर लिखेउ, जेतना समझेन नीक लाग !!
    लोगन का बस बोलै का चही, तौ सचिनौ का लपेट लियत हैं अउर का !!

    1. @amrendra nath tripath

      इ दुनिया विचित्र मनई से भरी है.एक जहरीला नाग भी बेहतर है इंसान से. इस वक्त जब हमे जीत पर थोडा सा मुस्कुराना चाहिए तो कई लोगो को भुखमरी और समस्याए दिख रही है! शादी के वक्त मातम का गीत गा रहे है. क्या बात करे मानव के इस दिखावटी विचित्र संवेदनाओ पर ?

      आप लोगो प्रभाष जोशी पे बात किये बड़ा अच्छा लगा. अगर आप हमारे फेसबुक पेज को ध्यान से निहारते होगे तो आप को मै बताना चाहूँगा कि एक वैज्ञानिक जीव ने उन्हें लंठ साबित किया क्रिकेट के प्रति प्रेम साबित करने के लिए. इसलिए नहीं के वे लंठ थे पर इसलिए क्योकि प्रभाष जोशी वाली मेरी बात ने उन्हें नंगा कर दिया था. लिहाजा प्रभाष जोशी को मूर्ख और सनकी साबित करना उनका फ़र्ज़ बन गया था.

      यही नहीं अपनी सनक को साबित करने के लिए मुझे “दम्भी ” भी बता गए क्योकि तथ्यों और समझ में उस वक्त वो बुरी तरह पिट रहे थे. सो अपनी सतही औकात पर आना उनका जरूरी था. एक भारतीय वैज्ञानिक के जीवन का सच देखिये कि वैज्ञानिक समझ की बात करता है पर सचिन के शतक को “bad omen ” बताता है! क्या कहेंगे आप इस विरोधाभास को? एक वैज्ञानिक/अधिवक्ताओ से उम्मीद की जाती है कि तथ्यों का सम्मान करे.

      इन जनाब को देखे. जब इन्हें सचिन के शतक से जुड़े तथ्यों को बारे में बताया गया तो बजाये उन्हें स्वीकारने के मुझे ही “दंभ ” और “तर्क के लिए तर्क ” के बारे में समझाया गया. तो ये तथ्यों से अनजान होकर क्रिकेट और सचिन को गरिया सकते है और फिर भी अपने को सही समझने की सनक पाल सकते है पर अगर कोई इन्हें तथ्य दे तो वे सारे दम्भी हो गए.

      इसिलए जब आप प्रभाष जोशी के बारे में बतिया रहे और उनकी तारीफ कर रहे थे मुझे लगा कि शायद इसे ही कहते है “कुदरत का इन्साफ” .In the world of English literature it’s called “poetic justice”.

  2. visionsport.TV | Reply

    when two sporting giants collide the world stops and watches in awe . .
    Well done India!

    1. @visionsport.TV

      Thanks for dropping by. I have already read your views on Time magazine’s blog page. I found them interesting. Why don’t you post your views related with politics and cricket on my page. I am sure you have addressed it to me on Time’s page 🙂 So why not put it on my this WordPress page ?

      I must say that moments may have stopped for this “clash of titans” but for me the real battle will take place between India and Sri Lanka from game’s point of view.

      Anyway, I am always of the opinion that cricket or for that matter any other game needs to be kept above world of politics.The game needs to be seen only from the game’s angle. Let’s not make the joy political.

      Lastly, I look forward to your future visits.

  3. A child man sport stuns no one but puts pain on the bodies of the poor!
    When a sport is played under any border and flag of any country the intent of the child sport is to mind form the weaker humans in those borders of false feelings of superiority–and then, easy to have the fools march off to wars to reinforce their superiority

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