Maintaining A Safe Distance From Secularists and Secularism !

Maintaining  A Safe Distance From Secularists and Secularism !

It’s really ironical that some people talk about crushing communalism of majority community, forgetting that it’s not the majority which is a real threat but it’s the devilish and sinister designs of minority community that have caused havoc not only in India but also in other parts of world. The conversations and debates on this issue merely lead to dichotomy and not clarity. The authentic voices on Hindu causes like Mr Francis Gautier have rightly stated that appeasement policies by so-called secular souls is the real cause why resentment is breeding in the heart of majority of Hindus. It’s not about right or left. It’s all about ignoring the ground realities. True, it’s hard to equate peace loving Hindus with hard core terrorists but can you deny the fact that secular press is hell bent to grant certain legitimacy to term ” Hindu terrorism” with its lies and half truths?

Maintaining  A Safe Distance From Secularists and Secularism !

The truth is that Hindu community has learnt that it’s being fooled and being also taken for granted all in the name of hnouring the secular values. Is it a secular value that mass genocide of Kashmiri Pandits takes place in Kashmir and governments remain a mute spectator? Is it a secular value that people enter in violent protest to have the rights to visit their own religious shrine? Is it a secular value that people are beaten badly to hoist their own national flag while the separatists not only burn the Indian flag but also hoist the Pakistani flag and the government invite these very separatists to New Delhi to give anti-India lectures instead of putting them behind the bars? Is it a secular value that Hindu saints are treated like criminals but we cannot dare to touch likes of Bukhari even as they openly engage in criminal gestures? Remember, the way Bukhari threatened a journalist in Lucknow some days back in presence of other journalists.

Let’s not talk about right or left. It’s all about harsh realities. We find likes of Rahul Gandhi talking about Hindu terrorism with foreign delegates but he keeps mum over jihadi network operating in the nation? It’s all about double standards , it’s all about ambiguity while dealing with anti-national elements and it’s all about being honest about the needs of majority, which is fast losing its hold over mainstream affairs. It’s hard to find another nation that treats its majority in such an unfair and discriminatory manner. We are late in realizing that nations like U.S., Britian, France, Germany, Australia and others have felt the dangerous undercurrents inherent in multiculturalism and they have all begun to wipe out the dangerous elements. Do we remember the speech of former Australian PM Howard ? ‘

Maintaining  A Safe Distance From Secularists and Secularism !

Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.

Though Howard was compelled to feel sorry for his uttering, the fact remains that most of the Western nations are working in the same line . It’s only in India, we find incompetent governments headed by “helpless” Prime ministers flirting with separatists and anti national elements. In fact, they are being given royal treatment. Only because they come from a minority class! It’s secular to give them red carpet welcome after every massacre committed by them. To shield them we can form extra judicial bodies, which will make the massacre committed by them look like an ” accident” ! Isn’t that a highly secular act?I remember a judgment delivered by the Allahabad High Court ,which suggested that Muslims are no longer the minority community in Uttar Pradesh. The judgment sent shock waves amidst the people playing minority card. Why are we not trying to ascertain the findings of that judgment ? I am sure the judgment contains elements, which are applicable to Muslims across the India. Are they are still a minority class?

Maintaining  A Safe Distance From Secularists and Secularism !

It’s time to realize that it’s not possible to fool all the people all the time. Let’s have the guts to look for dangerous element, where they actually belong to, instead of painting the peace loving Hindu community in wrong colours. The great game being played in the secularism must stop immediately. After all, enough is enough.

Maintaining  A Safe Distance From Secularists and Secularism !


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Amarnath Shrine Land Transfer Controversy

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3 responses

  1. India is perhaps only country in the world which has no constitutionally recognized national religion of its own where as neighboring countries like Pakistan and Nepal both have their national religion -we instead of having a pragmatic approach have resorted to an ideology which is not in concurrence with majority sentiments -this is a situation which needs a very serious attention to meet an amicable solution before it is too late …neglecting voice of majority could lead to catastrophic situations as witnessed lately in gulf and African countries….India too may not be an exception…

    1. @Arvind Mishraji

      You are right that if we keep on ignoring the needs of majority, keep making them feel like outsiders and keep pushing them towards the edge, it would surely lead to revolution like scenario. For how long can one keep the majority in ignorance?

      I am not saying that make them have advantage at the cost of welfare of minorities. What I am saying is that let us not treat majority with disdain and contempt. Let’s not humiliate them on one pretext or another. That’s all.

  2. JustMeAgain Said On Instablogs:

    How did earth people get to this point of hate and discrimination?
    Early forming of borders and then flags –or early breeding grounds
    Man’s invented gods to explain what man couldn’t control or kill
    Centuries of cultural mind forming
    The need to have someone else direct their life, like a daddy would

    Now to think that in any time in the near future there will be a vision of one people, one earth ,is leaving the Hindus venerable to the ravaging desires of others gods and the want of others lands to destroy the perceived weakness of the Hindu people

    With just pure logic and no earth culture emotion, as bad as all humans are, the Hindu people are the best people that earth produced so far and should never let others make them feel inferior

    Never lie down with a lion that says their you friend, after the lion hasn’t eaten for days

    Never take two slaps from a slapper that thinks there will never be a slap back.


    My Response To JustMeAgain:


    I appreciate your take on the whole issue.

    I would have never targeted secular principles had they not been used as weapon to slay the interests of Hindus. It’s a huge shame that nation which identifies itself with the ethos and pathos of Hindu way of living has become some sort of graveyard for the beliefs shared by the Hindus.

    This tendency to ride roughshod over the emotions of Hindus must stop immediately.


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