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Featured Blog Controversy: Why do we downsize and ignore the achievements of others?

Featured Blog Controversy:  Why do we downsize and ignore the achievments of others?

The issue is that my blog, Indowaves, which appears on site blog.co.uk is, more often than not, selected as featured blog or, for that matter, blog of the day or blog of the week whatever it is. That has irked some of the British bloggers. An old lady blogger posted an objectionable post about it, wherein many bloggers entered in defamatory remarks. I had to intervene with a clarification. Thank God, I came to know about the drama in time.

Now I know when you emerge victorious as person of achievements, you end up paying a heavy price. I love to maintain a low profile and so always try not to flaunt my achievements in a big way with celebrations etc. However, I am really taken aback by set of gestures which take my simplicity for granted. To be honest, I was always aware of the fact that making one’s presence felt in a strong way on prominent foreign websites means a lot but I never got carried away. Indeed, it’s no joke to gain a larger than life presence amidst group devoid of Indian community. However, I was least aware of such vituperous outbursts.

It’s shocking. It’s not the first time I am facing such a veiled attack. I have frequently intercepted such veiled attacks in my long blogging journey. I started my blogging journey from this very blog.co.uk site, which was then in its nascent stage like my blogging. Luckily, both of us managed to taste the sweet fruits of hard labour. However, there were many rough episodes as well. In the very beginning, the hard hitting topics infuriated the English people and they accused me of “screwing them day and night”. When this did not work, they started finding fault with my grammar. Like always I managed them to convince in a stronger way that author’s ideas are of greater importance than his/her grammar.The explanation worked wonders.The critics turned silent. Later, they again raised their head and this time they called me “racist”. Once again I had enough arguments to prove otherwise. The noise makers /mischief makers once again got marginalized.

Now look at this new drama. Instead of appreciating my efforts, they are trying to prove it “automated”, calling it random. It’s really hilarious to watch how achievements leads to severe heartburn in hearts of under achievers! Look at the paradox. One of the prominent critic in this conversation, who treats the “featured blog” as “random” is himself lamenting that he just couldn’t have the pleasure of seeing his blog in that column as he was in Germany that time. The women who has initiated the debate treats it as a “lottery” even as she is furious as to why she couldn’t hit the jackpot? Isn’t that proves how insecure have we become since we just cannot anticipate/digest the success of others in right spirit? It’s surprising that most of the critics are the freshers- ones who fade into oblivion within a year or two. Anyway, I wish them good luck for their long blogging journey.

Anyway, coming back to the featured blog controversy, the explanation offered by me compelled the so-called critics to give way to defensive mode with weak justification like it was mere a curiosity and no such jealousy or cheap insinuation were behind the publication of her post. However, a close reading of her post and the comments published is enough to present true picture of the subliminal message echoed by the post. The very tone of the post, the type of conversation generated in the comment box and the implications conveyed contribute considerably to the overall complexity that she is being dishonest when she suggests that her post is merely an attempt to analyze the criteria meant for the featured blogs.There is more to it than what meets the eye.

Featured Blog Controversy:  Why do we downsize and ignore the achievments of others?

The case is not that simple. It ’s quite apparent that real motive was to downsize the impact generated under the guise of ascertaining the criteria. Had that not been the case, the writer would dare not have implied on the basis incomplete details. For instance, if the writer is really ignorant about real factors, which make a blog attain the stature of featured blogs then how come she is so cocksure that selection is “random” or “automated” ? How come she ascribe the same reason in subtle way when she posts my article as an example? The impression she generates is that had the selection been a conscious one, the more deserving ones would find a place and not mine ones. Though she suggests in her comment that “researches” often delay the publication of post, it’s really frustrating that she just cannot realize this is the same reason which makes my posts gets delayed!

She states that there are many bloggers who are writing research oriented blogs daily but its mine and not theirs that are appearing in the featured section. Now look at her perverted pleasure. She expressed happiness that just after appearance of the post condemning selection made in the featured blog section her blog once again appeared in the featured blog column. Now it appears that “random” overnight turned into a respectable term, signifying merit. However, the day before, the very same selection process was flawed one. However, once her blog appeared, the automated gained a hallowed status! After all , she is a regular user in league with research oriented articles! Oh yes, she has coined one more parameter that only regular users should find a birth in featured section. Now one needs to ask her, what’s so amazing about posting daily that it should make the post find a place in featured blog section ? She boasts about research oriented articles but even a casual look at her articles will reveal the amount of research work done. The serious type of research work she boasts of is absolutely missing.

Even the most dull mind can see that her current post purportedly discussing criteria meant for featured blogs is in actuality is a veiled attack and a crude attempt to downsize the achievements. The harsh truth is that the discussion related with criteria is mere a facade. Was she sleeping till now that she didn’t came to notice the flaws ,if any, associated with the featured blogs? However,the moment she came to see my blog in the featured blog section for one more time, she all of a sudden gained realization that criteria fixed for featured blogs is flawed! All was right till I was not there. Only after my arrival the criteria became substandard. Interestingly , when I posted my comment there, the said lady gave the impression that she did a great favour by not deleting my comment. This very tone is missing when we find her virtually enjoying a casual remark that compares me in bad taste with another Indian blogger bearing somewhat the same name. At that moment, she never conveyed her displeasure to that blogger by stating that his personal remark would be deleted. However, she conveyed the same to me and others that she thought of deleting my comment. May I know why ?

Anyway,I must thank my admirers and supporters for acknowledging my worth in a right way. I must reiterate once again I am a simple person, who is merely interested in presenting thoughts that hit the mind and heart in a strong way. I am not carried away by loads of appreciation or depressed by waves of hatred. These are insignificant for me. However, the words of sincere admirers and critics shall always find a respectable place in my writing journey. They would continue to make me feel blissful, dejected and meditative!

Featured Blog Controversy:  Why do we downsize and ignore the achievments of others?


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