Godhra Verdict: A Slap In The Face Of Secular Brigade Calling Train Burning An Accident

Godhra Verdict: A Slap In The Face Of Secular  Brigade Calling Train Burning An Accident

The Special court at Ahmedabad put a seal of approval on the “conspiracy theory” involved in the 2002 Godhra train burning incident.  After Ayodhya verdict delivered by the Allahabad high court, the verdict delivered by the Special court has made the secular brigade topsy-turvy.  The Special court has convicted 31 accused while acquitting 63 others with the help of scientific evidence, statement of witnesses, circumstantial and documentary evidence placed on record.  The people involved in the Godhra carnage have been convicted of criminal conspiracy and murder in burning of the S-6 coach of the train on February 27, 2002 near Godhra, which lead to death of 59 kar sevaks returning from Ayodhya after participating in Poorna Aahuti Yagna organized there.

The verdict has brought on the fore the real face of Indian politics, proving that Indian political landscape is held hostage by ugly secular forces, which are hell bent to distort the face of reality. They are involved in sinister designs aimed at creating upheaval in various states,   something proved by the people involved in the promotion of Naxalite movement.  At this juncture,  I wish to recall the uproar which hit the nation when Allahabad high court made it clear that disputed site is Lord Rama’s birthplace.   The secular media shed lots of tears, labeling it a flawed judgment based on faith and not on evidences and reason.  In other words, it provoked the Muslim parties to challenge the verdict in the Supreme court.

It has become need of the hour to expose misdeeds of secular intellectuals -the parasites which breed on macabre.  Ironically, they are the first ones to speak in high terms about honouring the supremacy of judiciary and respecting the verdict of court. However,  this is never the case. The Ayodhya verdict made the secular forces even question the intentions and judicial sense of judges,  which is simply the case of contempt of court.  The harsh reality is that secular forces operating in India,  disguised as progressive forums,  are more interested in pursuing the hate agenda in sophisticated forms. The main purpose of debates initiated by them is not to bring clarity on any issue but to create dichotomy of sorts,  whose end purpose is to show constitutional bodies in wrong light.

Now let’s analyze some of the elements involved in the Godhra verdict.   It would still be in public memories that how eager the UPA alliance was to treat the Godhra carnage as an accident. In fact, Central government forced the State to drop Prevention Of Terrorism Ordinance (POTO) invoked against those arrested, which was later re-invoked.   It went on to form a Committee headed by former Supreme Court judge U C Banerjee to ascertain findings related with the Godhra carnage even as Commission under Commission of Inquiry Act was probing the Godhra incident.  This shows that Congress is mother of appeasement policies.  It can go to any extent to please the Muslims and Prime Minister in Congress regimes can even declare that resources belong to Muslims first.  The way UC Banerjee Commitee was formed is indicative of the fact when it comes to vote-bank politics, the dignity of constitutional bodies becomes subordinate or, for that matter, means nothing.  As expected, the U C Banerjee Committee, sounding more like a political body than a judicial body,  opined train-burning was an accident and there is hardly any evidence to suggest that there was an external attack.

Thanks to the intervention of Gujarat high court , the UC Banerjee Commitee was declared “illegal” and “unconstitutional” since Nanavati-Shah Commission was already involved in fact finding. The Gujarat high court though did not sustain the up holding of POTA and the case regarding it is still pending in the Supreme Court. After the Godhra verdict delivered by the Special court, one can clearly infer that political compulsions have made politicians brutally rape the dignity of constitutional bodies.  Prakash Javedkar sounds right when he says that ” The UPA’s efforts to give a political spin for electoral gains have been debunked. It was an eyewash of a report and completely manipulated.”

Godhra Verdict: A Slap In The Face Of Secular  Brigade Calling Train Burning An Accident

The attempts,  which try to lessen the gravity of the incidents related with Hindu forces, often leave any conscious thinker stunned.   It appears that only injustice done to minorities constitutes injustice!  Rest is mere accident and hence trivial. In fact,  any issue be it Rama Sethu or Temple at Ayodhya or mindless changes in Hindu laws the attempt is merely to humiliate the Hindu forces. The secular governments are ready to lie even under oath in Apex court to appease the minorities! The citizens of India needs to compel such secular bodies to reveal why they always work against the Hindu forces? The Hindus needs to shed their cowardice, which they often wish to be seen as decency. In complex times,  when their opponents are not ashamed to go to any extent to make mockery of Hindu beliefs and ideals,  the Hindus should stop heeding to pretensions of all sorts by being bold and straightforward in their approach.

It’s no secret that even minor incidents related with minorities is blown out of proportion and secular press be it in India or foreign lands leaves no stone unturned in painting Indian constitutional bodies in wrong colour.   Look at the Binayak Sen case. The moment Raipur Session Court held him guilty of sedition, the whole secular forces went berserk. The same shrill cries that virtually fall in the realm of contempt of court became order of the day.  We can see how protest marches , debates and campaigns are being organized to make mockery of the verdict.

Godhra Verdict: A Slap In The Face Of Secular  Brigade Calling Train Burning An Accident

It would be interesting to note that Chattisgarh High court rejected the bail plea when it was brought to its notice that Sen had strong links with the Maoists and that “the documents seized and the circumstances in totality qualify for the requirement for conviction on the charges of sedition.” The High court refused to accept the arguments, which suggested the case to be “a case of no evidence” and “political prosecution”.  However, the secular forces, barking like the mad dogs, are engaged in spreading lies and concoctions about the whole case with an appeal to exhibit Egyptian like perseverance.  True, the Indian courts have no right punish a man involved in seditious activities and , therefore, a revolution is needed to sabotage the constitutional bodies like courts.

Summing up, I wish to state that it’s time to teach a fitting lesson to all the organizations whether involved in media groups or operating in various capacities which try to create false impressions pertaining to the Hindu interests and causes.  The Godhra verdict is a slap in the face of secular brigade, which tried it to project the train burning as an “accident”.  The conscious citizens need to ponder over as to why anything remotely connected with Hindus becomes object of ridicule even when it involves brutal killings?  The world shed lot of tears over the riots that hit the Gujarat after the Godhra carnage but loss of 59 kar sevaks meant nothing.  It never became object of discussion in secular press other than that it was insignificant happening.

In fact, the secular press is not ready to digest the fact that Gujarat riots were directly triggered by Godhra carnage but at the same time the same secular minds believe that Godhra carnage was inevitable since gestures of kar sevaks gave wrong impressions. In other words, VHP’s fundamentalists policies resulted in the death. Such twisted and biased conclusions can be readily intercepted in the secular literature.  In words of one prominent journalist ,the case is simple: Hindus provoke, Muslims suffer. That’s the impression, which the secular press wishes to project all the time.

In other parts of world, the massacre is condemned in strongest terms.  Even the killings of Muslims in Gujarat generated strong response.  However, the massacre of Hindus needs not to be condemned.   It  needs to justified in subtle ways. It needs to be seen as some ‘consequence”.  It needs to be seen as mere “accident”.   How long will that be the case in India ? Any answers ?

Godhra Verdict: A Slap In The Face Of Secular  Brigade Calling Train Burning An Accident


Godhra Verdict

Godhra Happenings

Ayodhya Verdict

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Rama Sethu Controversy

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  2. Here is the evidence, which played a crucial role in proving the conspiracy theory.


    Bariya, then a tea vendor at the Godhra Railway Station, in his statement under section 164, told the police how a group of people came together to attack the train and passengers with petrol, swords and other weapons.Bariya allegedly revealed how kerosene was taken from the Aman Hotel inan autorickshaw and how passengers in the S-2 and S-3 coaches were forced to gather in one coach i.e. S-6.

    Bariya’s statement, considered to be one of the most important, is believed to have unveiled the sequence of attack and is believed to be vital in the case.

    Bariya named many people in his statement and the role that they played in the train burning.

    He had also revealed how window glasses of coach number S-6 were broken and how burning rags were thrown inside the same.
    Similarly, one of the accused Behra’s statement is believed to have been significant in proving that the attack on the S-6 coach of the train was a conspiracy and not an immediate reaction.Behra had allegedly told investigators about a meeting held at the Aman Guest House and purchase of petrol a day before the attack.

    Behra had mentioned in his statement how he and other people were told to attack the S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express and how the entire attack was planned at the Aman Guest House along with the other people arrested in the case.



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