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Know Love Before Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Know Love Before Celebrating Valentine's Day

To talk about love when struggles of daily lives have crippled our emotions, seems out of sync with modern times. The Y2K generation lacks the sense and sensibility to appreciate its sublime aspects. What’s more, a majority lacks wisdom to make distinction between love and lust- a prerequisite to appreciate its sublime aspects. Cynical as it may appear our ability to perceive life in its true colour has been eroded by monsters of modernity leaving us no better than ‘corpse within its grave.’

Being devoid of realistic perceptions of life and under influence of western culture a maddening rage has come to envelop senses of youths whose Kuch bhi karega attitude has shattered all barriers for Kambakht love’s sake.  With these sorts of distorted vision can we ever become receptive to its inspirational aspects? The moot point is whether these programmed minds can ever experience the essence of beauty which according to Krishnamurti can only be graspedwhen the mind and the heart are completely in harmony and that beauty cannot be gotten by a shallow mind that is caught in the disorder of this world’?

Know Love Before Celebrating Valentine's Day

It has never been so taxing, like nowadays, for the grey cells to rationalize the attitude of new generation. It’s strange but true youths depict a remarkable global similarity in devising ways and means to satiate their beastly desires all in name of love. It has become order of the day to glorify vicious tendencies to an extent that weaker sex have come to accept molestation and eve-teasing as routine affairs. How else one could muster the courage to strangulate his girlfriend and set it ablaze in flames with so much ease and no sign of guilt?

When ‘Jism’(desires of body) alone throb’s in our veins and dictums proclaiming the distorted fancies of imagination rule our instincts nothing else could prevail but ‘a mind as hungry as the sea to engulf nothing but infamous deeds.’ To despair of innocent minds and sensitive hearts full prospects of true love is nowhere in sight nor the maddening choir has left any scope to ‘fill the cup that left clears today of past regret and future fears.’ The complexities of life have pervaded the atmosphere with unfailing zest leaving no room for lovers to ‘ride, ride together, for ever ride’ in bliss. Also to be equally blamed are the burdens of fast paced life which coupled with professional commitment have nearly wiped out our vigour.

Know Love Before Celebrating Valentine's Day

However human life without love would be black and white. For sagging heart caught in the turmoil of life there could be no better panacea than love. In fact, love can’t be set aside for it has eternal bond with life. The need of the hour is to constantly illumine love by higher spiritual perception and in ‘the degree that it is thus illumined will it become an agent of light and power.’ Let it not become a medium to cater instincts of lower self but a channel to establish communion with higher forces of life. This alone should be at focal point of all our aspiration hovering around true love.

Know Love Before Celebrating Valentine's Day

(This article penned by me, first appeared in The Hindustan Times on Feb.14, 2004)

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