A Prostitute Is Better Than A Political Creature Of Our Times !

A Prostitute Is Better Than A Political Creature Of Our Times !

It’s no secret that one of the political parties has mastered the art of superimposing their lies over the truths. Their “Dabangai” (Hooliganism) is well known.   No body can beat them when it comes to distortion of truths.  More or less, all political parties enter in concoction of facts but the people belonging to this political party excel at this art of lying.

Not only that, like a prostitute, they are ready to sleep with anyone and when their interest is over ready to discard them within a second but not without justifying their act with help of heavy terminology. In other words, even a sex worker is in league with some morals but leaders belonging to this party are devoid of even that much sense of morality.

“Hum to Jhooth Bolega Satta Satta Karega” (We shall lie always for the sake of power) is the mantra that they repeat often. No need to ask the name. Anyway, what’s in a name? Enough hint has already been given !The truth is that  the political parties have mastered the art of deceiving people ! Politics has become worse than a sex industry.

Pic Credit: Samantha Harvey


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