Swami Vivekananda: A Great Visionary

Swami Vivekananda :A Great Visionary

The present age is passing through an age of confusion and disorder. There is war between various ideas and one is unable to decide what pattern of life one should adopt. When everything has failed to provide solace to our bleeding hearts there still remains a voice which has not lost its power of inspiration and which wakes us up from the deep slumber of ignorance. Though Vivekananda lived for a short period only,his ideas have nevertheless made him immortal.

On his birth anniversary let us attempt to be one with the essence of his ideals by trying to know what he dreamt for this nation. In Swami Vivekanand one finds the balanced proportion of all the traditional four yogas i.e. Karmayoga, Dhyanayoga, Bhaktiyoga and Gyanayoga all mingle to give rise to magnetism which his personality radiated. He was a visionary who laid the foundation of a spiritually vibrant India. Like every true saint he was worried over the neglect of common masses and was highly conscious of surroundings in which he lived.

He always worked for the causes of the poor and silently wept over the pain and trauma suffered by the down-trodden. He would feel deeply pained over the poor state of affairs prevalent in the country. His anguish could be visibly felt when he remarks”,The debt which the world owes to our motherland is immense. Taking country with country, there is not one race on this earth to which the world owes so much as to the patient Hindu, the mild Hindu.

Today when there are symptoms of cultural and moral breakdown one needs to be in the company of Indian way of living. Vivekananda emphasizing the need of it said, ” To many Indian thought,  Indian manners, Indian customs, Indian philosophy, Indian literature are repulsive at the first sight, but let them preserve, let them read, let them become familiar with the great principles underlying these ideas, and it is ninety-nine to one that the charm will come over them, and fascination will be the result. “ The problem which Indian society faces today could easily have been averted if only sincere application of the Indian values taken place. Our education system has given rise to ‘rotten beings’ who are doing more than producing anything of merit.

Swami Vivekananda :A Great Visionary

According to Vivekananda it was merely and entirely negative education being worse than death. The disadvantages in it are are of such a nature that all the good things do not surface up. It is not a man making institution but it merely stuffs the mind with unnecessary details not allowing the germination of the noble ideas and virtues in a man.

Swami Vivekananda had a soft corner for the women. He was of the firm opinion that women should be put in positions of power to solve their own problems in their own way. The welfare of the world is dependent on the improvement of the condition of the women. On this issue he remarked “, It is not possible for the bird to fly on one wing.” He was proud to belong to Hindu culture which had ” reverence for woman that is unmatched on the earth.”
Swami Vivekananda generated lot of dynamism in the youths .

It is a bare fact that it has always been youths who have brought revolutionary changes, leading to new order of things. In today’s scenario we find that they are divided on issues and their participation in national interests is minimal. They have been sidelined in from most of the issues related with interests of nation. We are a nation whose half of the population is comprised of youths but there are hardly strategies to tap their potential in honourable way. Vivekananda sought to prepare youths possessing ” muscles of of iron and nerves of steel”.  He believed that hindered young men having strength , vigour and dynamism were capable of revolutionizing the society if they lived up to the truth of the Upanishads.

Swami Vivekananda :A Great Visionary

Vivekananda, believed to be the incarnation of Shiva, was entirely devoted to eternal truth which he finally realized and became one with it. Though he always invented practical rules concerned with phenomenal world yet essence of everything was ” realization of the eternal truth. On this particular issue he never entered into any compromise and was of the opinion that India has been able to retain its identity because it never lost sight of God. He believed that’ God alone lives. The soul alone lives. Spirituality alone lives.’ The nations which believe in it have always survived amid deep crisis. It sounds true when he says that what we need today is to know that there is God and that we can see and feel him here and now.

The life is short and vanities of the world are transient.  So it would be better for us to take up one idea and make it our life in order to climb up the ladder of success. One is not aware of the fact that that it is only in this nation alone men of practical religion have born who successfully worked upon noble ideas. Let ” potentially divine souls” activate their unused energy and work for the betterment of our motherland. The seekers of truth should always remember that ‘love never fails my son ;today or tomorrow or ages after,truth will conquer ! Love shall win the victory.” The greatest tribute to Swami Vivekananda would be to honestly implement his ideals into our daily lives and be always in touch with eternal truth.

Swami Vivekananda :A Great Visionary

Reference: Literature Published By Ramakrishna Mission

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