Have Great Writers Deliberately Portrayed Women In Wrong Light?

Sri Sitaji:The Epitome Of Virtues

Sri Sitaji:The Epitome Of Virtues

I am not able to understand why are we so much bothered over “generalization” by great writers  in regard to nature of women ? I mean why are we finding it so strange that great writers have entered in generalization while appreciating or condemning women ? First of all it’s not entirely true that great writers have entered in generalization. Even if I come to assume that they have indeed entered in generalization then what’s the fuss about it ?

I mean stop evaluating a great writer from your petty standards. Do you expect a writer to be a person belonging to Statistics Office who has all the details in support of his/her theories ?If that’s the case then what’s preventing the guys from Statistics Office to turn into writers ?

Tulsidas: Carved Nonpareil Image Of Sri Sitaji

Tulsidas: Carved Nonpareil Image Of Sri Sitaji

Let’s realize that good writers belong to a higher plane of consciousness,who come to present thoughts in black and white only after certain observations which they may or may not substantiate with dull loads of facts.

Again, I am not saying treat their versions as gospel truth but then what’s the need to be so cynical about their findings in a hurried fashion ? I do not entertain the fact that great writers ever enter in generalization.It would be indeed naive to assume that all the epics/novels written by the “greats”  are critical in  portrayal of female characters just because they have been penned by men !!! No. That’s not true.They have been critical only after they had found enough reasons to do  so.

Shakespeare:Given Rise To Many Interesting Female Characters

Shakespeare:Given Rise To Many Interesting Female Characters

Their essence which appear as “generalization”in our eyes is,in fact ,representative of their meditative wisdom or better call it intuitive wisdom.Do you think female characters that have appeared in the plays of Kalidas,Tulsidas, Bharthari ,Shaw and Shakespeare have been by product of their generalized or casual understanding of the females ? I don’t think so nor I wish to appear as chosen fool by believing so.

In my eyes both positive and negative attributes unfolded by these great writers like Kalidasa,Tulsidas ,Shaw and Shakespeare are genuine and authentic.Let’s first develop a proper mind to grasp the essence portrayed in their writings.There is no point in entertaining a flawed view that when they deal with women all they tend to unfold are “generalizations”.

If Tulsidasji can carve such a nonpareil female figure in form of Sri Sitaji that has attained a glorious position in the history of female characters the world has seen till date then I have no reason to doubt that when he entered in the criticism of women he did that in mindless manner!

Like to end my take on the whole issue with this quote of Shaw : ‘Women upset everything. When you let them into your life, you find that the woman is driving at one thing and you’re driving at another.’

Saint Bharthari:Unfolded Attributes Associated With Females

Saint Bharthari:Unfolded Attributes Associated With Females

Now contrast this quote the against the backdrop of present day happening when modern relationships between men and women are increasingly becoming dependent on verdict of court !!!!!

Moral Of This Article : Generalizations are no longer generalizations when great writers make it part of their experience.

Shakuntala Of Kalidas :One of the most ancient female characters

Shakuntala Of Kalidas :One of the most ancient female characters


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