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Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?

Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?

We have become used to making crass remarks in our times.One of the most common perception is that Brahmins are themselves responsible for their downfall.It’s their bonhomie with corrupt thought patterns that have eclipsed their glory.There is cycle of events. Since Dalits were oppressed at the hands of Brahmins in previous ages,it’s now their turn to oppress the Brahmins. Ironically, reservations have nearly created such a scenario in which Brahmins have become a marginalized class.

Interestingly, the rise of women is also being hailed as per cycle of events.The men tortured them in previous times.Now it’s their turn to harass men.Here too female oriented laws and reservation for them are virtually tearing apart the man and woman intimate relationship.I would not deny that both in case of Dalits and women some injustice indeed had been done in past.However,let these problems do not give rise to solutions that become more dangerous than problems!

However,the same thing is happening in our society?The solutions in form of laws and reservation may or may not have improved the face of Dalits or women but they have indeed polarized the society to a dangerous extent.At present,the Indian society has become playhouse of strange set of values that have virtually toppled all good beliefs.Reservations have replaced meritocracy with mediocrity leading to great frustration among the talented souls.

A married woman threatens to implicate the husband in false case if the husband dares to prevent her from wrongdoings.In modern terminology that’s being hailed as “awareness”. However,my thinking mind,fails to treat that as awareness.Is it awareness that has given rise to so many complexities of all types? Is that awareness that makes a women file a false case ? Is that awareness which place mediocrity above meritocracy merely to honour reservation policies ? I feel that if awareness is creating so many problems for me then it’s better that I should fast become most ignorant !

Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?

One women’s rights female supporter once told me that rising number of divorce cases in courts is indicative of the fact that women have now become aware of their rights ! That means court cases are directly proportional to level of awareness ! Readers please don’t blame me for such odd assumptions.I am only stating on basis of perceptions that have hit our society in recent times.No body should assume that I am against reforms.Or that I am against corrective measures. I am only stating that while framing new rules for new society just be extra conscious so that our better ways and means don’t trap us in unspeakable problems.

One reason why our solutions have backfired is because we arrived at them via lies and falsehood sponsored by progressive literature and ,of course, because we treated theories created by Britishers as ultimate truth.One such theory is that Brahmins prevented other classes from having access to knowledge of Vedas.However,we find not only great woman scholars but we also find that characters like Kakbhusundi narrating tales of Rama to Garuda or for that matter Lord Shiva in form of a “chandala”(low person) giving discourse to Sri Shankara !

We never dared to question the findings of foreign scholars who talked about us in prejudiced way.They said men oppressed the women.We believed that with eyes wide shut.They told us that Brahmins suppressed and harassed the Dalits.We also believed that in toto.We never tried to question the exaggerated versions.As a result ,we are a society caught in worst type of contradictions.Anyway,I was talking about the downfall of Brahmins.I agree they have deviated away from highly virtuous lifestyle.

Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?

I wish to know haven’t we all deviated away from a life based on values?Why Brahmins alone are being ridiculed as hypocrites,as ponga pandits ?They may have fallen from grace but then is that fall solely because of their own character flaws ? I mean if Brahmins have deviated away from the life based on values then is that because they have willingly chosen to do so ? I don’t think so.May be most of us have stopped treating them as representative of virtues ,especially in urban belt, but I can still say with conformity that they are still the fountainhead of wisdom.

They are still unparallel in their understanding and approach.They are still finest combination of wisdom and balance which is why they are hailed as Panditah(one who is owner of wisdom and equanimity ).No wonder why a dalit leader finds her social engineering incomplete without their pivotal role ! It’s another thing that very system in which they come to play an important role they are being subjected to humiliation of all sorts.I will not go into past to tell that they enjoyed a high position,to an extent that all our main incarnation of Gods washed their feet and had their blessings.“I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges, – astronomy, astrology, metempsychosis, etc.It is very important to note that some 2,500 years ago at the least Pythagoras went from Samos to the Ganges to learn geometry.But he would certainly not have undertaken such a strange journey had the reputation of the Brahmins’ science not been long established in Europe.” (Voltaire)

Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?

It’s really painful to see Brahmins stripped of their dignity in our present society.Even they themselves admit that since they have given to modern lifestyles it’s hard for them to hail themselves as Brahmins ! Some openly tell that they drink beer and are involved in prohibited actions. However, having seen society from all possible angles,I must say they are still the best class of human beings on planet earth.

That’s why I refuse to believe that Brahmins would have ever treated Dalits or women the way it has been depicted in foreign literature.In my eyes the real culprit are the patterns that we followed for past many centuries.

Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?

Can’t we see that how modern education has distanced away from our roots that most of the Gen-Next people are absolutely unaware of the finer traits of our legacy?How can we honour our roots if we are so cut-off from our past ? Same logic can be used to explain why Brahmins are so ashamed to acknowledge their true worth or, for that matter,why they have made themselves susceptible to humiliation ?They have just lost hold of the attributes that made them special.It’s still with them but they are unable to manifest it.Remember, a diamond even in guttered water shall remain priceless and precious.My point is that circumstances are to be blamed more than their own individual flaws which have led to downsizing of their aura.It’s time for the Brahmins to recognize their true worth.They should mend their manners and learn to keep themselves above the ironies of our times.

The essence of India is the essence of Brahmins.From birth till death the shlokas carved by them show us the way.If time has written for them a role mired in humiliation then they should accept that with grace.However,the ironies of our times should not be the excuse for them to move away from the divinity that exists in them. I hope their bond with divinity shall remain intact which is so necessary to keep universe no less than as reflection of the kingdom of devas(gods).

Why have the Brahmins become a miserable lot in modern India ?


Education system Given To Us By The Britishers

The Plight Of Modern Brahmins

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In The World Of Mentally Retarded Children


The Mentally Retarded Children Need Extra Care !

The Mentally Retarded Children Need Extra Care !


(A news report that I got published in The Hindustan Times On November 15,2000)

At the gate things are normal. When one crosses the gate ,one finds oneself in a different world,the world of mentally retarded children who are confined to the four walls of school building.The government school for mentally retarded children situated in Ashok Nagar Allahabad has 39 children.The school is run under the aegis of Sate Handicapped Welfare Department.

However,the school is in shambles.The inmates of the school ,most of whom are in tattered clothes,are living in unhygienic condition. The lavatories are not regularly cleaned.This is despite the fact that 13 officials are deployed in the area to look after these children.Ghanshyam Mishra,officer in-charge of the school,complains grant of Rs 500 per head is not enough to meet the requirements. “How can you expect us to make them available food,medicines, and clothes in such meagre amount ?,” he asked.

He said letters to increase the grant by Rs 250 per child have been sent to the Handicapped Welfare Department but nothing has been done so far.”The Government has failed to come up with concrete measures for the children’s rehabilitation,” he adds.

Those children whose IQ level ranges between 20-70 are dropped here by the police after completing necessary formalities. The children mostly caught at the railway stations and other areas are first sent to the observation homes for 14 days and later to this school if they show symptoms of mental retardness.What troubles is the fact that the school lacks systematic method of categorizing them.Thus,proper medical treatment is hardly possible.With the change of time,their retardness level also increases and later they become incapable of doing simple work.

However,a doctor from Tej Bahadur Sapru Hospital (Beli Hospital) makes routine visit to this school.But this cannot yield desired results because those children need specific medical treatment.The roof of the school building has developed cracks and during the rainy season,it starts leaking. These children need to be shifted to some safer place,but till now no arrangements have been made. When one looks into the eyes of these children ,one realizes that they want to say something but their mental state restricts them.

Manish,who hails from Varanasi ,wants to return to his home,but his family members are no longer keen to take him back.The world outside attracts them but they cannot venture out.”We take them out on picnic once in a week,” said Mr.Mishra.The park meant for them is in dilapidated state.A television set,which remains non functional for most of the time,is what exists in the name of entertainment.The school has two teachers,but owing to lack of reading and writing material the teachers fail to impart quality education.

Children’s Day comes and goes but no one thinks about them or does anything for this miserable lot.

Let's Not Ignore Mentally Retarded Children

Let's Not Ignore Mentally Retarded Children


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Unfolding The Glory Of India’s Great Past !


What Is India ? -By Salil Gewali

What Is India ? -By Salil Gewali



I thank Mr Gewali from core of my heart for providing me an opportunity to have a glimpse of the book titled “What is India ?”.It’s indeed a great experience to have a look at the views of some of the great minds,who in unambiguous manner came to endorse the unique contribution of Indian Rishis (sages),thinkers and scholars born on this divine land from time to time.It’s no secret that in modern India the rise of so called secular brigade has made it near impossible task for the present youth to have access to the true image of India’s glorious past.

Worse,any attempt to have a look into the past is ridiculed by the progressive intellectuals as an attempt of saffronisation of education.Against this backdrop,it’s indeed laudable that author decided to bring in open the contributions of great Indian minds via the words of enlightened souls from the Western world.The youths of our times whose minds have been programmed to view the contributions from the Western world as ultimate will be forced to reshape their brainwaves after intercepting the pearls of wisdom scattered in the pages of this wonderful book penned by Mr.Gewali.

It’s high time that we come to acknowledge the contributions of our sages.At this juncture,I wish to quote the words of Radhakrishnan,which will let my readers to know why it’s so essential to be in league with the wisdom of Indian sages.It will let you know why it’s so essential to take as much steps as possible to resurrect the glory of past.I pity the intellectuals who believe that if we started looking into past we are bound to return to cave ages.I need to tell such bogus thinkers that the nation which forgot to honour the great relics of past ,sooner or later,became a forgotten past ! Radhakrishnan says :”From the beginning of her history India has adored and idealized ,not soldiers and statesman,not men of science and leaders of industry ,not even poets ands philosophers ,who influence the world by their deeds or by their words,but those rarer and most chastened spirits,whose greatness lies in what they are not what they do;men who have stamped infinity on the thought and life of the country,men who have added to the invisible force of goodness in the world.To a world given over to the pursuits of power and pleasure ,wealth and glory ,they declare the reality of the unseen world and the call of the spiritual life.Their self-possession and self command ,their strange deep wisdom ,their exquisite courtesy,their humility and gentleness of soul ,their abounding humanity ,proclaim that the destiny of man is to know himself and thereby further the universal life of which he is an integrated element.” ( Eastern Religions And Western Thought by S.Radhakrishnan ,P.35)

I am sure the book which is primarily the compilation of intellectual giants from across the globe like T.S.Eliot, Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Julius R.Oppenheimer,Erwin Schroedinger,Voltaire, Mark Twain, Emerson , Arthur Schopenhauer, Yeats,Alan Watts,Thoreau, Romain Rolland,Abdul Kalam, Paul William Roberts and Brian Dav id Josephson ,to name few, would allow young minds to reshape their perspective.They are,at present,bit ashamed in acknowledging the contributions of our sages in open and bold manner.Though the compilation of the quotes has been done in excellent way,the author seems to have lost his concentration while editing his own writings.I hope the next edition of the book will take care of editing blunders which I notice in some of the articles appearing in the preset edition.

These candid declarations on the part of these great minds would shatter the reluctance shown on the part of Gen-Next to embrace the wisdom found in Vedas and other Indian scriptures.Recently,I came to be aware of progressive souls making mockery of the Indian civilization saying that we have tendency to overrate our achievements and as a result we are all the time lost in self-glorification.When I contrast the myopic observation of that soul with the revelations present in the Gewali’s book I must say let’s become aware of the glorious legacy instead of giving to sense of rejection caused by the onslaught of progressive literature.The term “progressive literature” makes me laugh as one hardly finds anything progressive while reading books falling in this genre.

I must congratulate the author for successful culmination of herculean task whereby he managed to bring at one place thought of leading Western thinkers pertaining to contributions of Indian geniuses in various spheres like science,literature and philosophy.The book is a conscious reader’s delight;a prize possession of any soul who wishes to be aware of the contributions of ancient India when wisdom of sages ruled the roost.

I am presenting some of the great quotes that have found place in the book.


I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges, – astronomy, astrology, metempsychosis, etc. It is very important to note that some 2,500 years ago at the least Pythagoras went from Samos to the Ganges to learn geometry…But he would certainly not have undertaken such a strange journey had the reputation of the Brahmins’ science not been long established in Europe.



The juxtaposition of Western civilization’s most terrifying scientific achievement with the most dazzling description of the mystical experience given to us by the Bhagavad Gita, India’s greatest literary monumentThe juxtaposition of Western civilization’s most terrifying scientific achievement with the most dazzling description of the mystical experience given to us by the Bhagavad Gita, India’s greatest literary monument.

(Julius R.Oppenheimer)


“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”.

(Albert Einstein)


Indian philosophers’ subtleties make most of the great European philosophers look like schoolboys.



A book review by Arvind K.Pandey.The book titled “What Is Indiais penned by Salil Gewali.



A Tribute To My Colleague And My Friend Who Died In Mishap

Tears Of Sadness

Tears Of Sadness

The premature death of young promising person always shocks us. It makes us slip into a depressive mood. It also makes us philosophical, making us aware of transitory nature of the earthly happenings. Though the feeling of detachment does not stay with us for long, it still manages to evoke sensitivity that makes us face to face with reality of our vain pursuits.

I am talking about death of Sandeep Banerji,  an ex journalist, who died recently when his motorcycle rammed into railing of the Curzon bridge at Phaphamau with full force.  His body remained on the bridge in the mutilated state for quite a long time until the police was informed who carried it to the mortuary room.  Later, the members of Allahabad Press Club paid customary tribute to the departed. I don’t know is that sufficient enough to calm the pain of his family comprising of her wife, old mother and two year old daughter?

I am really taken aback by the way life comes to deal with bright faces. Two more such deaths flash across in my mind. My one of the aunties who lived in New Delhi had always been my source of inspiration.  She had been living there all alone with her daughter for past many years.  One day I heard she is no more.  A lady who for the most of the time was caught in the struggles of life passed away silently. No news.  A good soul passed away but the world around us remained alive to the glamour of life!  Similarly, I always admired father of one of the close friends.  I never entered in conversation with him but whenever I met him the love and affection in his eyes always made me drawn towards him.  One day while taking an early morning walk, I met my friend sitting in pensive mood at one corner of the Khusraubagh. He came to inform me that his father is no more. I don’t know why tears hit my eyes and I remained sad for many days.  Such is human life.  Good souls pass away and we the survivors remain engaged in petty concerns as if they are life-and-death issues.

Coming back to my friend Sandeep Banerji, I met him a decade ago. I was then involved in contributing articles to national newspapers. A chance meeting with him led to increased friendship with him. That time he was working as crime correspondent in The Times Of India. I used to give my articles to him for publication in the weekend supplement of The Times Of India. I wrote on issues which were not of his taste but then he ensured that they managed to see the light of publication!!  From him I came to know how thankless the job of crime correspondent or,  for that matter,any correspondent really is. Barring few of them, they are the most exploited lot. Even the most known brands in field of news world are unprofessional in heeding to the monetary needs of the scribes. If that’s the state of people working in top brands,  one can easily imagine the plight of stringers working in Hindi newspapers. However, I always found Sandeep smiling amidst the ups and downs of this profession.

Ironically, I was about to meet him in coming days after a long gap. I would have never postponed my meeting had I been aware of the cruel turn of events. I pray for this departed soul.  May Lord rest his soul in eternal piece.  I shall always remember you Sandeep.

“If man were immortal he could be perfectly sure of seeing the day when everything in which he had trusted should betray his trust, and, in short, of coming eventually to hopeless misery.He would break down, at last, as every good fortune, as every dynasty, as every civilization does. In place of this we have death.” (Charles Sanders Peirce)


We are always on road to nothingness !


Sandeep Banerji

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The Bhagavad-Gita:ABC Of An Integrated Life !

The Bhagvad-Gita:A Song Sung By Lord !

The Bhagvad-Gita:A Song Sung By Lord !

In the Bhagavad-Gita lies the locus of hope for humanity suffering from the ills of modernization. The contemporary echo is full of fire and furry, which has compelled people to take shelter under the tree of knowledge.Lord Krishna, who was the fountainhead of knowledge, had anticipated well in advance the vacuum which was going to become part of lives of future generations.And thus essence of Vedanta with all its glory attained its pinnacle with manifestation of the Bhagavad-Gita- the Song Celestial.

In present age when loud-mouthed supporters of false values, primarily unleashed by globalization, have gained prominence,the luster of Lord’s words remains unfaded.One of the reasons for Impersonal Brahman gaining individuality is to reinforce our faith in higher ideals. Jayadeva in Gita Govinda makes no concession while showering praises upon this most adorable Lord:

Lord of all the stars that cluster
In the sky, swiftest and slowest,
Lord of highest, Lord of lowest-
Manifests himself to mortals.

Before throwing light on problems tearing a part our social fabric which could unmistakably be attributed to parochialism and chauvinism environing our society, I would first like to unfold the Bhagavad-Gita’s mesmerizing attributes. Being storehouse of dictums on subjects ranging from room philosophy to psychology, from economics to sociology and from rules of conduct to sequence of events leading to origin of the world, it’s abundantly clear why it has come to be prized possession of not only the Hindus but of all men wishing to interpret life in a scientific way.

Lord Krishna :The Lord Of All Lords

Lord Krishna :The Lord Of All Lords

One needs not to be Einstein to understand that Gita lays out a blueprint for the growth of human beings. The Bhagavad-Gita forms part of Prasthana-traya scriptures, an assemblage of three scriptures that play a decisive role in chiseling perceptions of Hinduism to make them relevant to times, the Brahma Sutras and the Upanishads being the other two.

During Mahabharata age, a period whose exact determination is bone of contention among modern day scholars but it is vaguely supposed to be the beginging of Kaliyuga, the most enlightening exposition of the Hindus came into existence on the earthly plan. The cosmic price of Kauravas haughtiness eventually turned out to be their total elimination at the hands of Pandavas.Obviously,pre-war scenario has become too intellectually challenging and emotionally nerve- wrecking for Arjuna, the most adorable companion of Madhusudana.On the other hand, for Krishna this nightmarish situation instead of sounding death knell prepared ground for emergence of life-giving philosophy, the panacea for phobias of future generations.He was not only a great statesman but a terrific visionary as well.He didn’t take much time to realize that come a time when moral and spiritual dilemmas are going to spell doom for human beings residing on this planet, especially for souls dealing in virtues.There has to be a standard manual which can be referred to at times of mayhem so that its negative influences are effectively counteracted.

Universal Message Of Th Bhagavad Gita:Swami Ranganathananda

Universal Message Of Th Bhagavad Gita:Swami Ranganathananda

Ultimately, the charioteer Krishna transformed himself into the Divine Master who is really interested in upliftment of human consciousness. What he delivered was not something new but it being quagmire of hope continues to delight us till today.Gita’s relevance could be gauged from the fact that each generation produces a wide range of commentaries penned by people not confined to the arena of religion alone. The commentaries of Saint Gyaneshwar, Adi Shankaracharya, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada represent characteristics of their ‘Kala’ in a distinguished manner, unfolding the gems hidden in it more or less at par with mindset of those around.This also explains why Ramcharita Manas enjoys overwhelming support of the masses. Because Goswami Tulsidas was more interested in expanding the cause of Lord Rama than display of his intellectual superiority or, for that matter, exhibition of knowledge of scriptures.
Bhagavad-gita-as-it-is By Swami Prabhupada

Bhagavad-gita-as-it-is By Swami Prabhupada

The Bhagavad-Gita is a treatise on metaphysical aspects of Vedas but it is still able to strikes emotional chord with average reader. Keeping in mind the needs of the common man, Krishna wisely infused it with unputdownable practical teachings orbiting around themes of the Upanishads.Its appealing rationality and its universality, the two important facts largely responsible for its iconic status, says Swami Ranganathananda of Rama Krishna Math are enough to term it as a perennial Manava Dharma Sastra. Krishna immediately felt the conscience of Arjuna, when he raised doubt over the impossibility of gaining total control over mind by exclaiming that ‘cancalam hi manah Krsna’.He didn’t subject Arjun to a humiliating scenario for showing lack of subtlety.Instead, Kesava supported his contention and told him to attain it ‘with suitable practise and detachment’. Being governed by suspicion and confusion when Arjuna inquires about the fate of unsuccessful aspirants, he could have easily lost his temper over Arjuna’s futile curiosity. On the contrary, in order to keep aspirants on the right track he states in chapter Six that ‘a transcendentalist engaged in auspicious activities does not meet with destruction either in this world or in the spiritual world; one who does good, My friend, is never overcome by evil’.

Unlike psuedo-intellectuals of present age, who nearly dissipate the understanding power of their followers with bombardment of perverse observations, Krishna chooses to boost up the confidence of Arjuna with air of optimism whenever it sinks to unwanted level. Look at the ideas churned out by the so-called progressive literature; it’s either too wayward or too complex that it defies the reader to take it seriously.

The Bhagavad-Gita contains the ABC of an integrated life. All it aims at is channelization of human desires in a dignified manner. Since it’s apparently impossible to transcend Lord’s maya-mama maya durtyaya, the lord instructs his followers to lend their ears to his proclamations with faith to be established in perfect union with ‘Great Self’, something, which occurs when one, rises above bondage created by three modes of material nature, namely Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. What has come to become intrinsic feature of present class of men and women is that they have adopted a cynical attitude towards anything associated with ancient order of things. So, sterile discussions and stupid intellectual pursuits create a permanent gulf between them and the ‘Ultimate Truth’.

The Bhagavad Gita: Commentary By Swami Sivananda

The Bhagavad Gita: Commentary By Swami Sivananda

That is precisely why Krishna in chapter Seven confesses that ‘All these devotees (read Artah, jijnasuh, artha-arthi and jnani) are undoubtedly magnanimous souls, but he who is situated in knowledge of me I consider him to be just like my own self’. In other words, he is referring to a balanced approach. Why are we so depressed and frustrated today? Because demonical desires can never be fulfilled through balanced means. When we try to accomplish these goals we end up as dissatisfied souls, which invariably leads to irreparable damage. What Krishna wants to convey is that heart and mind should have a striking harmony between them. Swami Vivekanand once observed that he prefers heart over head. Anyway, it’s essential for development of human self that intellectual fervour remains in league with embodiments of heart.

We exhibit wide range of temperaments. A set of beliefs liked by one person may be quite appalling to the other person. Against this background it would be un-ethical and suicidal to impose upon the mass a particular kind of ideology. The Bhagavad-Gita believes that variation in means is since qua non-for survival of human beings. That establishes the fact that our beloved Lord was a psychologist par excellence.So,Karma- yoga was prescribed for those whom earth-shattering endeavors were close to heart; Bhakti-Yoga came to be associated with people having a developed heart faculty while Jnana-Yoga got identified with men dealing in intellectual tantrums. Generally, they run parallel to each other with one of them gaining pre-dominance as the major modus operandi. In post-modern age when complexities have become part and parcel of our lives, an intimate communion with what Lord has expressed in the Eighteen chapters could catapult life to highest realm of self-realization.

Lord Krishna:Singing Even In The Times Of War !

Lord Krishna:Singing Even In The Times Of War !

When a loyal devotee depicts even an iota of virtues mentioned in these chapters (for instance doing devotional service with mind and intelligence fixed on his divine form), he is assured by Krishna to find a permanent place in His abode. For such souls Krishna says, ‘I am the swift deliverer from the ocean of birth and death’. Sadly, each Yuga has its own share of blockheads, who flaunt their absurd perceptions in the name of revolutionary isms. Then, there are ‘False-Gods’, who try to downplay the importance of Sruti’s declarations. Krishna has something in store for them as well when he warns them of meeting with deadly fate-atha cet tvam ahankaran na srosyasi vinanksyasi.

Finally, let us remain whole- heartedly in the line of His teachings so that glory of Lord becomes our own. And, when someone like Arjuna gets a glimpse of it, he would like Arjuna be moved to express that ‘No one is equal to you, nor can anyone be one with you. How then could there be anyone greater than you within the three worlds, O Lord of immeasurable power?’

Lord Krishna Is Always There For Arjuna !

Lord Krishna Is Always There For Arjuna !

Shah Rukh Khan Is No Actor.He Is Just A Star !

Shahrukh Khan:A Lesser Actor !

Shahrukh Khan:A Lesser Actor !

Let’s not commit the fatal blunder of treating Shah Rukh as an actor.A film star may or may not be an actor !Some are under the illusion that Shah Rukh is a star but I have kept myself at a safe distance from all such illusions. The survival of such stars who are icons of crude acting only proves that even idiots if sponsored by Lord have the ability to project them as men of wisdom. His presence makes you believe in the fact that a little talent backed up by strong marketing skills shall make anybody attain stardom in our Bollywood.The present age Bollywood is dominated by people who though are lesser actors but not devoid of talent to make huge money all by themselves.The people who proclaim that Shah Rukh is an actor are really ignorant of the fact that star is a different entity than an actor.

It’s not necessary that all stars should be actors.At the same time,it’s also not necessary that all actors emerge as great stars in the long run. Well,if you are an owner of well built body with awesome cute face the chances to emerge as star becomes certain if you own a calculative mind as well.The likes of Shah Rukh Khans have intercepted this formula of success quite well and hence managed to play a long inning in Bollywood.I am in no mood to honour the survival instincts of Shah Rukhs.For me the acting abilities and survival instincts of Charlie Chaplin,Ravi Baswani and Raghubir Yadav inspire me truly instead of being swayed by the success of Shah Rukh Khan.These men who depicted great acting abilities were not the ideal figures,being devoid of awesome face, to carve a niche for themselves in the glamour oriented world of cinema but then they struggled hard and came to attain great heights.I know quite well that it’s impossible task for the present Khan Brigade to attain such glorious heights even if they desired to do so.

Ravi Baswani And Naseer Made Us Laugh Quite Seriously !

Ravi Baswani And Naseer Made Us Laugh Quite Seriously !

I have come to the opinion that in our times earning quick money via skin show has become the only desired aim of all human beings-the real Purushartha(aims of human life). That has made owners of real talent victims of psychological disorders. They have come to shun the race to glory in the very beginning as they know they would not be able to mould themselves as desired by lesser values. They would not be able to depict that life is name of compromises.That means they are out of the race to glory.It’s quite evident that in our times the attributes to attain success have changed.

Sycophancy,bribery connections with influential people and other such short-cuts are the most wanted elements to emerge as successful person in modern world.Recently,I read in an news item that postings done in important institutions like Railways are now not decided merit wise but money wise.Isn’t this a discouraging sign for candidates who burn the midnight oil to emerge successful in the competitive examinations. Needless to say that have we really bothered to honour real talented guys,the nation would have been on right track. At present,we have wrong people enjoying high profile posts while the right ones are languishing in some dark corner. They are involved in insignificant jobs.

Raghubir Yadav: Reflecting Shades Of A  True Actor

Raghubir Yadav: Reflecting Shades Of A True Actor

It’s really tragic that on one hand we have a large section of intellectuals on the verge of penury and on the other hand we have many souls playing in millions just by being part of insignificant gestures in Bollywood and elsewhere.As if trying to tell that serious pursuits would only spoil your life.It appears that the people who depict the superficial orientations have a greater chance to dictate the world. The lesser you use the brain ,the greater becomes the chance to become successful in our times !!! Let’s come back to Shah Rukh.He is being hailed by some as a star that made a space for himself in the Bollywood even after coming from a non-filmi (movie) background.It’s not a big deal in my eyes. Why ? There are many great actors and directors who carved a niche for themselves despite coming from a non-filmi background. BR Chopra,Amitabh Bachchan, Gurudutt, Lata Mangeshkar and many more such big names not only made significant contributions but they also set good precedents.The success of Shah Rukh Khan does not inspire us but on the contrary it demoralize us.
Om Puri In Tamas

Om Puri In Tamas

His survival story conveys a wrong message to upcoming actors that to be successful you have to be more body oriented than soul oriented. It needs to be remembered that our success story should give rise to better values.We have to remain conscious about the type of values we are promoting.The success of Shah Rukh makes us the worshiper of false beliefs. Like to draw a parallel. The Gen-Next cricket lovers might worship Yusuf Pathan and Misbah as stars on seeing them hitting six and fours with ease but the people who have seen likes of Ricahrds, Sandeep Patil, Boder,Bothem and Kapil Dev hitting sky high sixes on great deliveries would dare not trea pygmies as stars.Having watched the flicks of Ompuri and Naseeruddin Shah,it’s indeed hard for me to watch the crass performance of Shah Rukh.He talks about ‘method acting’ but in reality is a poor performer. If one indeed is interested in seeing a superb performance one needs to watch Naseer’s acting skills in Draupadi Cheerharan scene from Jaane Bhi Do Yaro.He has made the scene so hilarious via his dialogue delivery.It was his sheer presence that made the scene a classic one.

At this juncture,let us intercept the difference between art movies and commercial cinema.These are two different forms of movies and I am sure difference between the two forms shall always exist as they represent two different type of viewers. In my eyes any art medium intended at establishing a rapport with the viewers if loses sight of the fact that it’s principal aim is to enlighten the viewers and not intellectual meandering then it’s better to part ways with such an art medium.There is no need to get used to intellectual shit promoted in the name of art movies. It’s time to accept the fact that Indian viewers are interested in meaningful entertainment.Amitabh Bachchan sometimes made a ridiculous observation that in Indian film landscape there is no scope for type of stuff made in Hollywood. I disagree with Mr Bachchan. We can definitely make better movies touching complex episodes that hit human life and ,in fact,new breed of modern directors are experimenting with interesting issues.

Tabu And Amitabh In  Cheeni Kum

Tabu And Amitabh In Cheeni Kum

Mr. Bachchan seems to have forgotten his roles in “Nishabd’ and “Cheeni Kum” !!!Let’s not shed tears over the demise of art movies.Well,in my eyes,it’s time to learn new tricks of film making that allows us to present serious themes in viewer friendly manner. One good example is The Exorcism Of Emily Rose.It’s another thing charm of being hailed as art movie maker -maker of dark movies- makes some film makers deliver movies with strange themes.These are made to keep the chances of winning International awards bright!There are many film makers who are always eager to receive International acclaim and that’s why their movies are poverty stricken!! 



I am sure if a director is really interested in establishing a bond with the viewers via the message highlighted in the movie,then a director would have to be innovative enough to come up with proper cocktail of serious and lighter elements.The sixth sense of such a director should enable him to have fine balance of both type of elements apart from using better technique.The problem with Indian movie makers is that while making a movie they are involved in many vain equations dealing with the promotion of movies.That ultimately deviates them from primary task of shaping the theme of the movie.

We have all watched so many times Gandhi made by Richard Attenborough.It’s a wonderful movie.I am sure had we made the same movie,we would have either stuffed it with melodramatic elements ,leading to death of historicity, or we would have turned the movie into a documentary in an attempt to be close to the reality !I am happy the directors like Shekhar Kapoor and Rajkumar Hirani have understood this truth quite well that a movie should be fine blend of serious and comic elements in a sensitive manner.They have shown us how to blend the elements borrowed from art and commercial movies in a perfect way that not only entertain the viewers but also enable them to get lost in deep introspection.We have to further refine the art of presenting serious themes in viewer friendly manner.

Gandhi By Ricahrd Attenborough

Gandhi By Ricahrd Attenborough

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शाहरुख़ खान को कलाकार मानने की गलती न करे!!स्टार हमेशा एक्टर नहीं होता!

शाहरुख़ खान:एक कलाकार या और कुछ  ?

शाहरुख़ खान:एक कलाकार या और कुछ ?

शाहरुख़ खान को कलाकार मानने की गलती न करे !! स्टार हमेशा एक्टर नहीं होता !
शाहरुख खान को कुछ लोग  एक्टर मानने की ग़लतफ़हमी पाले हुए है.पर मै ऐसी ग़लतफ़हमी का शिकार नहीं हू.शाहरुख जैसे फूहड़ अभिनय करने वाले का इतने देर तक फ़िल्म इंडस्ट्री में बने रहना सिर्फ यही साबित करता है की अल्लाह मेहरबान तो गधा पहलवान. उसकी उपस्थिति यही साबित करती है की थोड़ी से काबिलियत और जबरदस्त मार्केटिंग स्किल्स अगर आपके पास है तो समझिये स्टारडम आपसे दूर नहीं.उसकी उपस्थिति यही साबित करती है की आज की फ़िल्म इंडस्ट्री में एक्टिंग की समझ वालो की पूछ नहीं वरन उनकी पूछ है  जो पैसा बना सकते हो अपने दम पर फटाफट !! जो यह दावा करते है की शाहरुख एक एक्टर है वो भूल जाते है स्टार होना और एक्टर होना दोनों में फर्क है. हर स्टार एक एक्टर भी हो यह जरुरी नहीं. और यह भी जरुरी नही की एक एक्टर स्टार भी हो.यद्धपि यह जरुरी नहीं कि कोई  अगर हट्टा कट्टा  हो और साथ में एक चिकना चुपड़ा चाकलेटी चेहरा हो तो वो एक सफल स्टार हो जाएगा लेकिन आज के परिदृश्य में ऐसे लोगो कि संभावना स्टार होने कि ज्यादा है अगर आप के पास गणित बिठाने का शैतानी दिमाग हो तो. शाहरुखो ने इस बात को समझकर एक लम्बी इन्निंग खेली है फ़िल्म इंडस्ट्री में. मै तो चार्ली चैप्लिन ,रवि वासवानी या रघुवीर यादव की काबिलियत और संघर्ष करने की क्षमता का या टिके रहने का क्षमता का ज्यादा कायल हू बजाय शाहरुख जैसे तथाकथित कलाकार की प्रतिभा का सम्मान करने के. ये प्रतिभा के धनी वास्तविक कलाकार  किसी भी दृष्टिकोण से सिनेमा जगत के ग्लेमरस कैनवास पर शारीरिक सरंचना के  हिसाब से फिट नहीं  बैठते है मगर इन्होने जो ऊंचाई हासिल  की है वो हमारी खान ब्रिगेड  अपनी सिक्स पैक एब्स और चिकने चेहरे के वाबजूद भी हासिल करने को तरस जायेगी  पर नसीब न होंगी !!

मुझे ये बोध हो रहा है क़ि बदन दिखा के पैसा कमाना  मानव-जीवन का एकमात्र परम-पुरुषार्थ है हमारे आज के युग में.इसका नतीजा यह क़ि सही लोग तो सफलता क़ि दौड़ में पहले ही हार गए. क्योकि ये तो यह मानने से रहे ” लाइफ इस नेम ऑफ़ कोम्प्रोमिसेस”.मै यह देख रहा हू क्षेत्र कोई भी हो सफल होने के मापदंड बदल गए है. चमचागिरी ,सौर्सपानी या और अन्य शोर्ट कट अब ज्यादा कारगर है बजाय प्रतिभा के.बताइए रेलवे और अन्य महत्त्वपूर्ण संस्थानों द्वारा की जाने वाली भर्तिया भी अब पहले से तय होती है.इससे यही होता है की सही प्रतिभाये पहले ही दम तोड़ देती है. भारत में प्रतिभायें यूं ही अगर  बरबाद न होती तो ये देश न जाने कहा पहुँच  चुका होता.यही तो खूबी है इस देश में कि जिनको जहा होना चाहिए  वहा वो नहीं है.या ये कहू कि सही जगह तक सही लोगो के पहुचने के रास्ते बंद कर दिए गए है  !! जिनको अच्छे पदो पर होना चाहिए वो या तो मुंबई में टैक्सी चला रहे है या नाई की दूकान पर हजामत बना रहे है.

ओमपुरी "तमस " में

ओमपुरी "तमस " में

कमाल देखिये कि जहा एक बड़ा बौद्धिक वर्ग कंगाली और लगभग भुखमरी का शिकार है वहा पर एक बड़ा वर्ग कम उम्र के लौंडे लौंडियो  का कपडे उतार के धका धक् नोट काट रहा है मायानगरी और अन्य जगहों में सिर्फ !! मानो यह बता रहा हो “पढोगे लिखोगे तो होगे ख़राब ” :-)) बदन बिकता है दिमाग  नहीं यह आज के युग का सत्य है  !!! The lesser you use the brain ,the greater becomes the chance to become successful in our times !!! शाहरुख पे वापस आते है. कहा जाता है की उन्होंने बिना फ़िल्मी बैकग्राउंड हुए टिक कर अपनी जगह बनाई.तो कौन सा तीर मर लिया उन्होंने.दर्जनों उदाहरण आपको फिल्म इंडस्ट्री में ऐसे मिल जायंगे जिन्होंने कोई फ़िल्मी बैकग्राउंड न होने के वाबजूद न सिर्फ जगह बनाई वरन नए मापदंड भी स्थापित किया.BR Chopra या गुरुदत्त या लता या अमिताभ किस फिल्मी  बैकग्राउंड से है? शाहरुख़ का टिके रहना प्रोत्साहित  नहीं करता.आपको उल्टा कुंठित  करता  है.उसका टिके रहना एक नवोदित अभिनेत्री को यही सन्देश देगा की सफल होना है तो रूह से जिस्म तक आओ.आपकी सफलता किन मूल्यों को जन्म दे रही है यह बहुत महत्वपूर्ण  है.शाहरुख़ की सफलता आपको खोखलेपन का उपासक बनाती है. दनादन छक्के लगाने या चौका मरने वाले युसूफ पठान या मिस्बाह की ऊंचाई  आज की हमारी युवा पीढ़ी को बड़ा आकर्षित करता हो पर जिन्होंने रिचर्ड्स ,संदीप पाटिल ,बाथम ,बार्डर या कपिल को चौका छक्का मारते देखा हो उसे समझ में आएगा के ये आजकल के हीरो कितने खोखले है ! अब जो  नसीरुद्दीन शाह या ओमपुरी जैसे लोगो की प्रतिभा का कायल हो वो भला शाहरुख़ जैसे लोगो की फटीचर एक्टिंग की क्यों कद्र करेगा जो बात तो “method acting ” की करते है पर एक्टिंग किस चिड़िया का नाम है यह भी नहीं जानते.एक्टिंग क्या है यह जानना है तो नसीर साहब की फ़िल्म देखे.जाने भी दो यारो अगर देखे तो यह समझ में आएगा की किस तरह दृश्य में जान डालना है.द्रौपदी का  चीरहरण इतना मनोरंजक हो सकता है यह नसीर भाई के ही बस की बात है.
लगे हाथ कला और व्यवसायिक फिल्मो का फर्क भी समझ ले.रहा सवाल कला और व्यवयसायिक फिल्मो के फर्क का तो फर्क तो हमेशा रहेगा क्योकि दोनों का दर्शक वर्ग अलग है.कला फ़िल्म या समांतर सिनेमा या कहू कोई भी कला जो सिर्फ बौद्धिक ऐय्याशी को जन्म देती हो उसका खत्म हो जाना ही अच्छा है.अमिताभ बच्चन ने कुछ समय पहले एक हास्यास्पद सी बात कही थी कि हमारे यहाँ हालीवूड सरीखी फिल्मे इसलिए नहीं बन सकती क्योकि हमारे यहाँ वो दर्शक वर्ग नहीं है.मै इस बात से बिल्कुल असहमत हू.बिल्कुल बन सकती है और हम उस तरफ बढ़ रहे है जहा नए अनछुए विषयो पर दिलचस्प फिल्मे बन रही है.कला फिल्मो के अंत पर विधवा विलाप करना बेकार है.आप बना सकते है तो बनाये कोई पाबन्दी नहीं लेकिन मेरा सोचना अलग है.मेरा कहना यह है कि क्यों न हम गंभीर विषयो को प्रस्तुत करने का तरीका बदल दे.हा अगर कला फ़िल्म का फिल्मकार होने का अहम् पालना है तो अलग बात है. या अवार्ड वगैरह जीतना हो अन्तराष्ट्रीय मंच पर तो अलग बात है.

लेकिन अगर आप दर्शक तक अपनी बात पहुचाने के लिए उत्सुक है और इस प्रति खासे गंभीर है तो मै यही कहुंगा थोड़ी और मेहनत करे और उन तत्वों को ध्यान में रखे जिससे न तो गंभीरता ही कम हो और न वो हलके फुल्के तत्त्व जो उत्प्रेरक कि तरह फ़िल्म में उपस्थित रहे. हमारे साथ दिक्कत यह है कि हमारे यहाँ के निर्देशक इतने ज्यादा फालतू गणित लगाते है कि फ़िल्म का कचूमर निकल जाता है. गांधी जो कि एक विदेशी निर्देशक रिचर्ड एटनबरो ने बनायीं और तकरीबन हम सब ने कई बार देखी है अगर भारतीय निर्देशक बनाते तो इतना melodramatic तत्त्व डाल देते कि historicity शुन्य हो जाती या इतने गंभीर हो जाते कि दर्शक आधे में ही दम तोड़ देता .ख़ुशी इस बात कि है कि शेखर कपूर या मुन्नाभाई सिरीज के राजकुमार हिरानी को इस बात कि समझ है कि कला फिल्मो के मोह माया से ऊपर उठकर या समांतर सिनेमा के अंत के ऊपर हो रहे हो हल्ले से ऊपर उठकर उन फिल्मो का निर्माण किया जिसमे व्यवसायिक और कला दोनों  के सिनेमा के तत्त्व बराबर मात्र में सही तरीके से मौजूद है. इसी कला को और सूक्ष्म करना है.

रघुबीर यादव:एक जबरदस्त कलाकार

रघुबीर यादव:एक जबरदस्त कलाकार

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Remembering Exceptional Souls Who Shaped My Simple Life !

My Father :The Perennial Source Of Inspiration !

My Father :The Perennial Source Of Inspiration !

Right from beginning of my life I have been under the influence of three people of my family :my grandfather’s brother;my mother’s father and my own father. I have virtually borrowed their influences in my being. I love them not because they belong to my family but they have been people in league with exceptional qualities.I am really lucky that I met such people. When I visit my village where my grandfather’s brother lived or visit mother’s home,  I come to hear tales from strangers living at nearby places about their exceptional lifestyle, which makes me feel really proud. I become sad too.  I miss them. I want them back.  I can feel that they are looking at me from clouds above. Being first child of another generation’s onset and having been born under such strange circumstances I was wonder kid for them.

My real grandfather passed much early. It was my grandfather’s brother who brought my father up. Early morning he used to go on his job cycling for not less than 60 or seventy kilometers and returned in the evening. When he used to go on job he never ate from things made in market.He used to carry flour etc.from home and then under some tree used to cook the food or, for that matter,  home made eatables he carried was the only thing he had during such long cycling.  Every evening when he returned I searched his bag for cookies, fruits he brought for me.  His arrival back home late night let me not sleep for long as I anxiously waited for his arrival. A great disciplinarian who had place for everything even for things he was not aware of. For instance when my mother’s brother cricket team,some 35 years back, visited to play village’s first cricket tournament it was he who made arrangement for all the players!  He never touched a cricket ball forget about knowing what cricket is all about.

Childhood Friends Are The God's Gifts !

Childhood Friends Are The God's Gifts !

I remember how ill he was. Even in such illness I found him traveling to Allahabad to hand just few coins on my hand. He used to place some coins on my palms at arrival of every important celebrations.I remember his last days. I spent moments in hospital with tears in my eyes.  I was too young to understand that he was not going to survive so I was optimistic that he will survive. But doctor’s didn’t think the same.  Whenever doctors ordered me to bring this or that medicine I used to rush like a express train even at odd hours of night.  However,  he didn’t survive, leaving behind his impressionable face stuck in my eyes forever.


Always In The Arms Of Ganga Maiyaa (Ganges) !

Always In The Arms Of Ganga Maiyaa (Ganges) !

My mother’s father was more or less the same selfless spirit.  He was Head of the department English section in secondary school.  He remained self-centered all the time.  I mean he spoke less or with only those whom he found at par with his vibes.  He was so strict that as he entered the home life used to come to a standstill.  A radio,  an umbrella, a torch, a HMT watch and white dhoti kurta (Indian male dress) were the things he was representative of.  The moment he entered in his room he used to ensure that these things are in place.  In fact,  Nanaji was so perfect in his approach towards life that even small insignificant articles were kept at their proper place.

Every year when I visited my mother’s home I found those insignificant articles at the same place.  He was quick tempered guy who though skipped meals because of  short lived anger and remained largely on biscuits dissolved in boiled tea remained healthy till last years of his life.  Only the previous year before his death his health deteriorated. People today say I have virtually retained all his habits. Interestingly, none of his sons, barring the elder one, have retained his qualities.  The place which remained lively with greenery and scent of so many flowers in the air only because of his presence now looks a deserted place today.  I visit the place often as you know such places are like time machines.

Long after his death I came to know that how happily he had received the new year greeting in the year in which his health deteriorated.  With eyes from which he could barely see he read my letter trapped in his shaking hands.  I never missed to send him greetings and sometimes diaries every year.  When he finished reading the letter he stood up and traveled more than half a km (when he was advised total bed rest) and got a letter typed for me. I came to know about this thing much later.Yes,in the very same year he visited my home. I can’t imagine a man in such pain would travel so many miles. But he dared to meet me.  I saw that his urinary system had failed.  So doctor had arranged an external mean to facilitate the passage of urine.  Along with that pouch that hanged by his side he had come to see me.   After few months he passed away from this world.  Today,  when I see the same letter I am in tears.  I have kept it safe. Why I have referred to these exceptional souls ?  These people were men of values, men of other worldly features.  They didn’t had enough wealth to display but they had virtues which wealth of all the worlds cannot buy.

My Mother's Home Is Just Adjacent To Great Chunar Fort  !

My Mother's Home Is Just Adjacent To Great Chunar Fort !

Now come to my father. I can write pages on him not because he is my father but because he is exceptional soul.In some corner of my mind there is a plan to write a book on him.  However,  my plans don’t materialize so I have not planned to turn this dream into a reality.  Well,  why I am talking about these people shall be revealed later.  So I am now talking about my father. He was born to poor parents.  My real grandfather died early. And the gentleman referred above in first few paragraphs of this in memoriam article took care of him. They were traditional people so they thought that my father like other village souls would get involved in village interests like farming etc.  However,  he had other dreams.  He was a scholar-Sanskrit scholar.

That's The Place In My Village Where I Sat For Hours To See The Trains Moving At Quite A Distance !

That's The Place In My Village Where I Sat For Hours To See The Trains Moving At Quite A Distance !

Loved by all for his studious nature by teachers and village souls.  He and his group of students walked barefooted more than seven or eight kilometers in torn and tattered clothes.  When he managed to own a bicycle he traveled long distance to reach his college via strange routes in which he sometimes crossed a huge river as well.  Of course,  with the help of boat !   Anyway,  his parents has decided that enough is enough and asked him what he preferred studies or farming?  When he chose the former he was asked to leave the home and manage his studies by own. Thank God!  His Head of department provided both money and room. When I visited my village this time I met his old classmate.  I am narrating the episodes of past on basis of what my father’s classmates told me and also what I have heard from my father.  I also saw this time the deserted hilly spot where he cooked his food in chilly winter nights during his university days when he was virtually thrown out of the house.  I will finish my father’s episode here only because that’s enough to tell how difficult life he led in his past to provide all of us a life in which we had huge bungalow to live in, servants to fulfill all our tasks and good school plus good society.  I admire the other worldly spirit of my father.

My Father's Sister:My Buaji Who is The Iron Lady Of The Village !

My Father's Sister:My Buaji Who is The Iron Lady Of The Village !

However,  I am poles apart from my father. May be I am wrong but I always feel he never got to understand my persona. On the contrary, as a mark of respect,  I kept sacrificing my real wishes to see him happy.  I wanted to be a teacher.  He made me lawyer as that’s a most respected fellow money wise. I wanted to marry a poor girl and also average looking. I mean a girl with average features but one who understood me.  My father wanted a girl that he selected belonging to influential family whether or not that kept me happy ,whether or not she understood me. As a result I turned into a lawyer with a teacher’s spirit.  Thankfully,  I did not marry till now but then suffered a lot all these years explaining to all and sundry about my bachelor tag !  He is also in no mood to bear writers and poets as in his eyes these class of people of over-intellectualize,  being cut off from the gross realities of life all the time.

I am not trying to prove my father wrong. He is man of rare wisdom.  I never saw his efforts bearing bad result in anybody’s case.  In fact, wherever he is his followers arrive there to have his view.  However,  in my case,  his efforts never bear the desired result. They left me in pain.  Either I was too dumb to bear results his way or my special traits created such a barrier that all good vibes failed to bear result,  being not at par with my attributes.  Though I have carved a niche for myself amidst such confrontations I smile at the making of Lord.  I respect and love my father lot. That increases with each passing moment but when it comes to imbibe his views I am at safe distance. These views which have helped others to attain pinnacle of success fail to impress me.
Blessings Of Elders One Needs Most:Father Lost In  Discussion At My Ancestral Home In My Village

Blessings Of Elders One Needs Most:Father Lost In Discussion At My Ancestral Home In My Village

Now let me explain why I have referred to these people.  Once I was told by my recent Peruvian best friend Carmen that “Your father is right.Get involved in something that brings more money.” To make my Peruvian friend be in tune with the other side of the coin I had to delve deep into episodes of past. These episodes from past reveal a great paradox by unfolding that gentlemen in my family have demonstrated that selfless attribute is better than life based on material gains(read money making)and that has come to form my being. So when one starts to measure my life via money I have made,it hurts and disappoints me a lot. That means a prostitute that earns a huge money for one night is more successful and more worldly wise than me!!   That means man who is selling products and earning a good commission is better than me who types for long hours and waits for money which may or may not arrive. Anyway,  now I realize when my father and Carmen,  Peruvian friend,  say money is good( which I do not believe )how true they sound.Money is so important that virtual relationship will disappear from my eyes if I do not pay the bill of Internet on time !!!  The world around is nothing but a drama that rests on money. I am now understanding it. Let’s see when I embrace money and honey with right spirit.

My Mother's Mother:Cute Naniji Is Always In League With Words Of Wisdom!

My Mother's Mother:Cute Naniji Is Always In League With Words Of Wisdom!

I hate those who talk about importance of money before me but no longer will I do that. Carmen and father love money.  I will too try to love it from now on.  Let’s see the rupee which is angry with me flows to me or not to a village soul that remains lost in total silence pervading the village life, greenery and river side.  Though village is no heaven,  it’s still above the hassles of urban life.  It’s still a place to discover the great truth that most coveted things in life are least associated with money.

I hate Company Of Grown-Ups:The Cute Girl Child Of My Village Who Is My Best Village Friend !

I hate Company Of Grown-Ups:The Cute Girl Child Of My Village Who Is My Best Village Friend !

Another Bomb Blast In Varanasi : It’s Time To Shed Tears And Forget About It !

The Blood Of Common Citizens In India Has No Value !

The Blood Of Common Citizens In India Has No Value !

Another bomb blast hits the Varanasi city.The blast that occurred at the Dashashwamedh Ghat on the banks of Ganga river in Varanasi during the time of famous Ganga Aarti has lead to death of girl child named Swastika Sharma while as many as 30-40 people have been injured.

Many foreign nationals have also been injured in a blast which seems to be the brainchild of terrorist group Indian Mujahideen, unhappy over the recent Ayodhya verdict delivered by the Allahabad High Court and the ‘reported clean chit given by the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team probing the post-Godhra riots to Gujarat Chief Minister Marendra Modi.’The city had met with the previous bomb blast on March 7, 2006 when terrorists struck Sankatmochan temple and Varanasi Cant railway.

I need not to say anything this time.I am tired of expressing my anger again and again.It’s better to shed tears and forget about it.For those readers interested in dull facts I am presenting the links associated with this blast.However,I am posting the unedited versions of comments of readers.They will let you know about the mood of common citizens.





Congress is unable to protect the country! We hear only speech nothing else! Neither they are able to control terrorism nor poverty! Their hand is not at all with the common man but with the rich and influential people of this country! They give color to the terrorism and creat more confusion and disharmony! We have seen only corruptions one after other!


Request report. Express concern. Plead for calm…. What else can this senile PM do? The citizens of India want action not a girl guide reaction.

Nitish Kumar:

More Pakistanis on TV show. More RSS-SIMI comparision. More broadminded comments on Kashmir. More allah allah khuda khuda songs. More shaanti till get demolished. No news of Love-Jihad. Whether it is Dhaulakuan-gangrape or Bangali-baba-Tantrik. Do not bring Muslim names. More politics on Muslim votes. Who is living a minority’s life? Thanks to media as well.

Thankyou Indian Mujahiddin for diverting attention of Indian public from

2G scam,

CWG scam,

Adarsh Scam,

Lavasa Scam,

corrupt CVC Thomas,

UP Food scam….etc….other hidden scams

TN land Scam



Indians are continuing to be among the largest victim of terrorism. Why would a nation of 1100 million be a perpetual victim one may ask? Well, it does not take an Einstein to find the reason for the abysmal state of affair of perpetual terrorist attack even post-26/11, contrast that with relative lack of attacks post-9/11 in US, and July attack in UK and one in Madrid. Under this UPA regime corruption has grown far more than anything else except of course bank balance and wealth of politicians, judges and bureaucrats. The result is intelligence is abysmally outdated and manned by babus copying corrupt practices of their political masters, security apparatus remains woefully decrepit more interested in siphoning off funds meant than organising and arming itself and the same rot we now know has permeated institutions that were once held as beyond reproach. To top it all you have Prime Minister who not only presided over the largest scam ever, but worse has failed to accept moral responsibility and resign.


Errorwithrequest :

Cash from Haj pilgrims was used to finance the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack by Lashkar-e-Toiba, a US embassy cable published by WikiLeaks has revealed. According to the cable, LeT’s annual military operations budget is $5.2 million.

A Sky News report cited the New York Times as detailing a long list of possible methods terrorists might have been using to fund activities. One memo claims militants often used the annual Haj pilgrimage for laundering money and cash from pilgrims. This, the memo says, was also used to finance the Mumbai terror attack, for which LeT was responsible.

Other documents have claimed the US believes donors from Saudi Arabia are “the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.” A memo sent by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in December, 2009, referred to the kingdom as a “cash machine” for al-Qaeda. Other countries in the Middle East have also come under fire.

In the leaked cables, the United Arab Emirates is described as having a “strategic gap” that terrorists could exploit, Qatar is seen as “the worst in the region” on counter-terrorism and Kuwait is labelled “a key transit point”.

In August, 2009, America had also shared other details of fund-raising of various outfits of LeT with Pakistan at the direction of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The document says that Hafiz Saeed continues to lead both LeT and its front organisation Jamaat-ud-Dawa and that some of the funds collected in the name of charitable activities have also been used for planning terror attacks.

The fund is raised through a variety of sources mainly from private donations, NGOs, madrassas and business spread throughout south and west Asia and Europe.

The non-paper that puts LeT’s annual budget at more than `23 crore, was used by Hillary Clinton to buttress her point and convey to Pakistan her decision to oppose delisting of Jamaat-ud-Dawa and its leader Hafiz Saeed from the al-Qaeda and Taliban Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council.

The non-paper says that the US intelligence community assesses that Hafiz Muhamad Saeed is leader of LeT and Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi is LeT’s operations commander and they continue to run the organisation despite being detained for their role in the Mumbai attacks.

“We also judge that they have planned, directed and executed LeT attacks throughout south Asia and is likely have used some funds collected in the name of JuD’s charitable activities to support multiple terrorist operations, including the November Mumbai attacks,” it said.

“The community assesses that Saeed continues to lead both organisations. However, the community is unable to assess to what extent senior JuD leaders such as Saeed are involved in specific terrorist operations or the level of detail to which they are knowledgeable about specific past and pending attacks,” it said.



I think something fundamentally wrong in our hindu society

1.we are most peaceful people yet we have most enemies and most haters

2.we have most intelligent set of people(first in science, math,astronomy)yet we are hugly poor and lack basic things for people

3.we pride ourselves in diversity yet we are most divided society,,division by lang, region, caste and then hundreds of subdivisions..

The list goes on and on,,we also lack a single major hindu leader who can guide the society as a whole,,no doubt,,our enemies both internal(psudo securalists, groups like IM, simi, corrupt leaders and corrupt society) and external (cheena, poki, even puny bdesh,,,will take full advantage of this,,and they have been doing it for 1000’s of years,,,something needs to change in us first…our land has been divided and looted 100’s of times,,,yet they only want more..1 babri was down and they make so much noise and revenge,,why no one has guts to ask why did ur ancestors down 10000 temples,,,and u still praise and worship them…


shame on congress:

first they loot our country
2g spectrum scam 176000000 crore
swg scam 80000 crore
adharsh scam 10000 crore
corrupt cvc p.j.thomas still in chair
corrupt raja threteing judge
corrupt media and jurnalist


niL Kumar:

Because MUSLIMS are a VOTE BANK to POWER. HINDUS are divided. Hindus are/ were divide since time immemorial. Hindus have to unite and fight the so called SUEDO – SECULARISM. We have to abstain from Politicians who are looking to APPEASE MUSLIMS. Unfortunately Muslims, majority of whom are illiterateddo not understand that they are being taken for aride by these OPPURTUNISTIC POLITICIANS. We should not only educate them but also explain that NATIONAL INTEREST comes first. It is sad that no MUSLIM worth the name has ever criticised these TERRORIST. India is Secular and Democratic because Hindus are a majority. Tell me which Muslim nation is SECUKLAR & DEMOCATIC.



There is no Indian Mujahdeen, all this is done by pak outfits.Until and unless our government be strict with pak there is no solution.Invaders had destroyed several millions of temples including famous somnath temple.No one can make any church,temple and buddhist monterey in saudi arabia.Muslims had already looted us so much and we hindus are stupid to hear more about babri mosque in our sacred hindu land of lord Rama.This is all because of congress government appeasement of muslims.I hope in next election people should think twice before vote for this party.Country is full of corruption and people are suffering because of these stupid ministers.


On YouTube Page:


Very easy way to attack these IM bastards is derail SAMJAUTA EXPRESS – no need of bomb either.



Obviously this is carried out by islamic terrorist groups such as Lashkar-e-Toiba, who also uses a cover names such as “Indian Mujahideen” to cover their tracks and their Pakistani backers, who are still supporting them. Pakistan is such a mentally disturbed country, which not only supports islamic terrorist groups, but allows them to get away, even if they committ terrorist attacks in Pakistan itself. Examples include the Lahore Sri Lankan cricket attack, when the perpetrators were released.


Raju Khan :

Now they will start aman ki asha part 2 . As country start getting united to fight against the terrorism. Paid journos and paid shows start diluting the entire environment.
Congress is afzal guru lover . Keep voting congress and ready to face such heinous acts. As usual the easiest excuse of congress is blasts happened during NDA rule as well.Fully agreed with them but they i.e. NDA are able to catch the terrorists and senteneced to deeath .. congress is just making mockery of everything ..

Just wait few days ..they will arrest somebody from RSS and will be held guilty for this blast.

This is the era of UPA minority appeasement where youngistan is not interested in pain of people killed or injured in blasts but rather interested in who is saying who ..somebody from UPA will say something soft and they will agree with him more then anything ..young guns lost there mind ..



Why did Congress abolished POTA, the law against Terrorists?????????????



If nothing is done, India will be like Iraq where daily suicide bombing by muslims who are in a hurry to go to heaven. Daily bombings by Christian terrorists in NE and in Naxal belts till new Christian nations are foremed there with 100% Christian converts.



Tomorrow’s headlines After Bal Thackerays remarks and objections about hiring pakistani actors in Films and TV shows,all the Hindu girls and Hindu guys,to show solidarity and secularism sported MNIK,and Dabang, T shirts and held mullah ka bullah placards and burnt Bal Thackeray’s effigies.


Let Hindus Be Eliminated By The Jihadis And We The Secular Souls Should Talk About Saffron Terror !

Let Hindus Be Eliminated By The Jihadis And We The Secular Souls Should Talk About Saffron Terror !

Source Of These Comments:

Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times 2

You Tube Blast Video

Have Great Writers Deliberately Portrayed Women In Wrong Light?

Sri Sitaji:The Epitome Of Virtues

Sri Sitaji:The Epitome Of Virtues

I am not able to understand why are we so much bothered over “generalization” by great writers  in regard to nature of women ? I mean why are we finding it so strange that great writers have entered in generalization while appreciating or condemning women ? First of all it’s not entirely true that great writers have entered in generalization. Even if I come to assume that they have indeed entered in generalization then what’s the fuss about it ?

I mean stop evaluating a great writer from your petty standards. Do you expect a writer to be a person belonging to Statistics Office who has all the details in support of his/her theories ?If that’s the case then what’s preventing the guys from Statistics Office to turn into writers ?

Tulsidas: Carved Nonpareil Image Of Sri Sitaji

Tulsidas: Carved Nonpareil Image Of Sri Sitaji

Let’s realize that good writers belong to a higher plane of consciousness,who come to present thoughts in black and white only after certain observations which they may or may not substantiate with dull loads of facts.

Again, I am not saying treat their versions as gospel truth but then what’s the need to be so cynical about their findings in a hurried fashion ? I do not entertain the fact that great writers ever enter in generalization.It would be indeed naive to assume that all the epics/novels written by the “greats”  are critical in  portrayal of female characters just because they have been penned by men !!! No. That’s not true.They have been critical only after they had found enough reasons to do  so.

Shakespeare:Given Rise To Many Interesting Female Characters

Shakespeare:Given Rise To Many Interesting Female Characters

Their essence which appear as “generalization”in our eyes is,in fact ,representative of their meditative wisdom or better call it intuitive wisdom.Do you think female characters that have appeared in the plays of Kalidas,Tulsidas, Bharthari ,Shaw and Shakespeare have been by product of their generalized or casual understanding of the females ? I don’t think so nor I wish to appear as chosen fool by believing so.

In my eyes both positive and negative attributes unfolded by these great writers like Kalidasa,Tulsidas ,Shaw and Shakespeare are genuine and authentic.Let’s first develop a proper mind to grasp the essence portrayed in their writings.There is no point in entertaining a flawed view that when they deal with women all they tend to unfold are “generalizations”.

If Tulsidasji can carve such a nonpareil female figure in form of Sri Sitaji that has attained a glorious position in the history of female characters the world has seen till date then I have no reason to doubt that when he entered in the criticism of women he did that in mindless manner!

Like to end my take on the whole issue with this quote of Shaw : ‘Women upset everything. When you let them into your life, you find that the woman is driving at one thing and you’re driving at another.’

Saint Bharthari:Unfolded Attributes Associated With Females

Saint Bharthari:Unfolded Attributes Associated With Females

Now contrast this quote the against the backdrop of present day happening when modern relationships between men and women are increasingly becoming dependent on verdict of court !!!!!

Moral Of This Article : Generalizations are no longer generalizations when great writers make it part of their experience.

Shakuntala Of Kalidas :One of the most ancient female characters

Shakuntala Of Kalidas :One of the most ancient female characters

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