Random Thoughts In The Aftermath Of Shahi Imam’s Public Thrashing Of A Reporter

Shahi Imam Bukhari :Controversy Lover !!

Shahi Imam Bukhari :Controversy Lover !!

Recently, Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Maulana Ahmed Bukhari manhandled a scribe at a press conference held in Lucknow.Some choicest abuses were hurled at Mohammed Wahid Chisti, editor of `Dastan-e-Awadh’, when he dared to remind Maulana that land depicted in the Ayodhya verdict,in actuality,belongs to the Hindus.

Shahi Imam Bukhari is a controversial figure in Indian political landscape.Making wayward statements and fueling the fire via inflammatory gestures during the time of crisis has been the favourite pastime of this man.A former Parliamentary Affairs and Urban Development Minister and a firebrand Muslim leader Azam Khan once hailed him as an “illiterate person“.No wonder he has always been head on with people around.Jamait Ulama-a-Hind leader and Vice President of Uttaranchal’s 15 Points Implementation Programme Maulana Masood Madani sometimes back hailed him as “biggest terrorist of India”.

“The government is not doing anything after having all relevant details about terrorists. Two months ago, I had intimated the government through a separate copy of letter to the Prime Minister that India’s biggest terrorist is Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari. Why is government not doing anything to arrest him? He is the one who is responsible for the bomb blasts in Jama Masjid and Srinagar. He has contacts with all the terrorist agencies. He has also threatened to kill us. Our information is correct. Even the government and the CBI have information about the same. Government is only responsible to support the terrorist in this country,” said Madni

Had the same act been done by RSS leader,the media and the other leaders like Rahul Gandhi would have issued fatwa to ban the RSS !! Shame on likes of Rahul Gandhi who feel that RSS and SIMI are one and the same.Why can’t his secular eyes see that home grown terrorists are the by product of mindset owned by these leaders who feel that laws of Shariat or the Islamic percepts are above all written constitutional provisions ?

The same Rahul Gandhi and incompetent Congress Ministers are pretty helpless the way anti India elements in Kashmir rule the roost.His heart doesn’t bleed for souls wiped out in Kashmir each day.On the contrary,we find him engaged in bloody secular concerns that makes calling SIMI and RSS a same type of organization a political necessity in our times.It’s a real shame that many perceive him as future prime minister.Cry My Beloved Country !! Just cry over your fate !!!


Rahul Gandhi :Promoting So -Called Secularism !!!

Rahul Gandhi :Promoting So -Called Secularism !!!


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