Commonwealth Games In Delhi Are Towards Record Breaking Sale Of Condoms !!


Grand Opening Ceremony CWG New Delhi 2010

Grand Opening Ceremony CWG New Delhi 2010

The 19th edition of Commonwealth Games in New Delhi is throwing one surprises after another.After a great hue and cry over the alleged corrupt deals by the top brass associated with the Games,the New Delhi managed to present a spectacular opening ceremony.It was such a fascinating opening ceremony that people started comparing the grand show with the one we witnessed in Beijing Olympics opening ceremony 2008.On the top of it, fascinating performances by Indian team members infused a sense of pride in all of us.

However,the report that Australian group felt unhappy over the rough treatment meted out to them posed some problems for the Kalmadi & Co.Now a very peculiar problem has become cause of worry for the organizers.The huge number of used condoms have choked the drains which has created a huge civic problem.The latest report says that these used condoms have been flushed down but this news has already created scene of embarrassment for the officials.

The Delhi government has made enough arrangements to keep the Games village above civic problems.The 34 teams having electrical, plumbing, carpeting and housekeeping experts are working in the Games village under the supervision of high officials to take note of housekeeping and cleanliness. However,this unprecedented turn of events has made the officials taken by surprise.It has now become open that condoms are in huge demand at the Games Village.That has made the officials install large condom vending machine which has at least 4,000 contraceptive packs.It has four master mastor cartons having 960 packets in each of them and each pack contains two condoms.

“We have installed a big condom vending machine which contains at least 4,000 contraceptives.According to reports from the Village, more than 2,000 condoms have been used so far. We will refill the machine, if need be,” a health official said.Not only this around 128 machines have been installed in whole Delhi to ensure smooth supply of condoms.The government is in no mood to allow sexually transmitted diseases rule the roost.

I am wondering have the players arrived to participate in games or enter in such wild activities ?I am being informed about the shortage of condoms at Vancouver Winter Olympics held this year in February where one lakh condoms got finished within 7000 athletes in just four days !!!!

It appears that our government has acted smart at least in this arena.It has made sufficient arrangements to ensure that athletes at least do not complain about shortage of condoms.Both Beijing and Sydney Olympics have seen huge sale of condoms.The government must have taken note of the sales of condoms in Games show.

The reaction of Commonwealth Games Federation boss Michael Fennell was pretty interesting.Remaining unfazed he said that it’s a positive development. “If that is happening, it shows there is use of condoms and I think that is a very positive story, that athletes are being responsible.” The practice of distributing free condoms has started from Barcelona Olympics held in 1992.Fennel also stated that “promoting safe sex is a responsible thing to do.”

However, Commonwealth Games Village officials have accused the media of sensationalizing the whole episode.The officials deny about condoms clogging drains of accommodation towers.Whatever be the reality,it’s quite clear that love for condoms among the athletes have attained a new height.What should I say about the whole development ?

In my eyes the athletes apart from creating record in the sporting events are also keeping an eye on the record related with use of condoms!!!!!


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