A Person Living A Simple Life Is Worse Than A Chosen Fool !

It's difficult to be simple !!

It’s difficult to be simple !!

I received a comment on one of my poems titled Memories that made me go into a thinking mode. The comment stated that it’s difficult to be simple. I was soon surrounded by strange thoughts and my consciousness got trapped in the reflection taking place in the mind and intellect. Let me come straight to the question that gave me lot of trouble:Why it’s difficult to be simple ? I am posting my views on this post not to show what I feel in this regard but just to receive views from enlightened readers in this regard. 

I don’t know much about the rise and fall of various civilizations.I don’t know what were the intrinsic attributes these civilizations actually represented.However, I know some of the mighty and glorious civilizations came to end because they left the company of simple ideals for the sake of pompous attributes.That was bound to make them get lost into unheard pages of history forever.Coming back to our times aren’t we Indians committing the same mistakes by giving to false set of plastic values.One needs to analyze that how the nation that treats “jagat” (world) as “Mithya” (illusion) has allowed the dominance of cheap and superficial values ? Or should I say “Jhandu” values. 

Thank God ,I have good parents and some real good friends who have allowed me to remain down to earth without much discomfort till date. Most of my these friends have given way to rat race all in the name of practicality but that has not disappointed me.I am still the same “outdated guy” with old values. My best friends treat me as a person who is not in tune with the values of present times-a view they express behind my back even as they admire my will power to remain in tune with old values. So why it’s difficult to remain simple these days ? 

It’s because people have two sets of values these days. One they actually follow and the other one is merely used as inspirational quote to impress a group.The idea to remain simple falls in the set of values that has the same utility as showpiece items. All our politicians ,writers, professors and successful people use these lofty values as showpiece items. They preach but do not practice.That has given rise to impression that once you start embracing better values the distance between you and the success becomes more and more .To be successful it’s now necessary that you remain at a safe distance from the simple values. 

Let me say in harsh word why any sensible guy will hate to be simple and innocent person in our times.Because to be simple in our times means you are worse than a chosen fool. Even a chosen fool will think twice in embracing simple values.Why ? Have we left any scope for a person in league with better values to live a dignified life ? What’s the gain of a person who dares to remain honest and simple ? He/she comes to gain unending peace within but is the unending peace will allow his/her family members a better life ? 

Have a glimpse of the world around. Even a village boy in tattered clothes loves to flash a costly mobile. I was sitting in a secluded corner of my village temple. A boy only in his chaddhi and no shirt on his body was grazing his buffaloes in the nearby fields.I noticed he was listening a song in his mobile.Later,he happened to meet me and out of curiosity I had a look at his mobile set.It was a beautiful costly set. Now it was his turn to have a look at my set. It’s a simple old set with no camera and no modern features. He gave me a strange look..”Kaisa bekar sa set hai ..Camera nahi..Video nahi”.. (An useless set ! No camera ! No mobile).He left the place with this remark. A son of one of my relatives has got placed in metro.The first thing he came and told all of us is that he saw so many people driving costly cars there !! Well, it’s that the reason why our present day youths who turn into bureaucrats use the postings to make millions and if they are not able to do that they leave the job citing “unnecessary political interferences” as the main reason !!! Look at our Big B,hankering for a farmer status . He has gifted his son Abhishek Bachchan a car that has the price tag in crores. 

It’s easy to understand to that to remain simple means to face series of humiliating episodes one after another.It means life of troubles.True,why should be open ourselves to endless pain and suffering ? If a minister ,bureaucrat,actors,businessman and other such class enter in all sorts of scandals and yet maintain a healthy image why should a common person chased by so many problems entertain simple values ? Why should they starve their family members to death ? Why they let their children give way to uncertain future by making them study in schools which have no roofs ? I mean what’s the gain of living a simple life ? What does simplicity gives ? Unending bliss and peace within ? Is this unending bliss going to attract food and quality life ? The answer is BIG NO. It’s merely going to attract fake compliments of friends who will admire your guts to live in league with good simple values but behind your back label you a creature more than a chosen fool. Is that’s the reward of living a simple life ? The truth is that we have no better epithets to offer to a person in league with good values. 

I will finish the post with a conversation that I had my with one of my best childhood friends Sampanna Kumar Sangharsh in the Allahabd High court premises just a few days ago. In his youths he gave way to Communist ideology.In fact,right from his childhood he lived amidst the communist ideology. After all, his father Sheshji is a known Communist and also an eminent literary figure.Well,we both are poles apart but call it good luck that we have always remained in sync all this years-a thing that many treat it as an unnatural phenomenon.At present Sampanna Bhai has become 100 % practical man, being nowhere near the strong values that he once used to reflect in college days.That doesn’t mean my Sampanna Bhai has given to corrupt practices. He remains the same old good soul. However,I see traces of pain and frustration in his eyes.That pain increases when he happens to see me.After all, I am still the chap devoid of practical values like him. I mean the impression he generates remind me of the line “yeh kaha aa gaye yu hi saath chalte chalte ” (look where we have arrived walking together for long). 

He told me ,” 

Arvind Bhai unless you give way to false set of values it’s hard to survive in present age.The system is so distorted that it has no place for ideal values.Not all can be Karl Marx who will sell the hair of his wife to make both ends meet. Have a close look at lives people around.The writer class or bureaucrats who pose themselves as role models are corrupt in actuality.Look at many Hindi writers of Allahabad who pretend to live amidst penury are in actuality owners of huge property.Arvind bhai our love for idealism has given us nothing and that’s the case be in future as well. 


I said nothing.However,I was left in total pain after this conversation. I came to remember my days spent with him during the college days. The conversations that rested on making this world a better place.We are still doing the same but the thing called uncertainty chases us all the time. Ending the post with a remark in a lighter vein.I didn’t tell that to Sangharsh bhai.I thought within ‘Sagharsha Bhai you have enough reasons to be a practical soul.You have a family.I don’t have one.Let me have a creature called wife in my life. Who knows I may also turn into greatest practical soul of all times ? ‘ 

In the arms of simplicity

In the arms of simplicity

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11 responses

  1. Good Essay but must always remember that brevity is soul of wit..simple living high thinking is a great philosophy n I adhere to that ..you too keep it up..

    1. Definitely Arvindji..Fisrt let me thank you for your arrival on my wordpress page…I have always loved optimism,brevity and simplicity.However,there are moments in one’s life when one gets carried away by the developments in the external world.Any sane person will not ignore the fact that ordinary citizens like to maintrain a safe distance from simple values.I merely tried to analyze the reasons behind such grim development. You make me remind of the words of Einstein :

      “A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?”

  2. सरलता और कुटिलता स्थान-समय निरपेक्ष नहीं हैं। भौतिकतावादी समाज में सरलता के मानक एक ग्रामीण समाज की सरलता के मानक से अलग होंगे।
    मेरे विचार से अपनी आवश्यकतायें कम करने के लिये सतत प्रयासरत रहना और अपने पास जो भी है, उसे औरों से अधिकाधिक शेयर करने की भावना रखना – यह सरलता के अनिवार्यतत्व होंगे।
    सरलता वह है जो आपमें नैसर्गिक रूप से प्रसन्नता लाये। वह सरलता किस काम की जो आपको जर्जर और विपन्न होने का भाव दे।
    धन ईश्वर का दैवी सम्पद है। उसका अनादर करने वाला प्रसन्न नहीं हो सकता।

    1. There is an element of truth in your observation Gyanji..However,there is other side of the story as well. The simpler we become greater becomes our chance to remain cut off from the flow of the times..

      “For one swallow does not make a summer, nor does one day; and so too one day, or a short time, does not make a man blessed and happy. ”


      Anyway, I am happy to take note of your presence on my wordpress page. It’s definitely going to make my bonhomie with simplicity a bit stronger :-))

  3. Ditto!

  4. Hi Arvind! In your ‘about’ page you have stated that you are trying to know the purpose and meaning of life (in general, I suppose). With such a big quest at hand, you need some time to understand life, people, and world.

    I may agree with some of your arguments against leading a simple life but I should also dare ask if you have an alternative to propose.

    Personally, I do not advocate the age old philosophy of ‘simple living and high thinking’. Being simple doesn’t mean living with bare necessities and showing off sublime values.

    Remember your childhood. Don’t you think life then was much more ‘simpler’? Remember your grandparents, even your parents, they may not know the ins and outs of telecommunication but they are really not missing it. They may be slow in walk or in learning new things but when it comes to care about people around, they excel.

    Everyone around me is in a hurry. For them life may be a race, I let them walk ahead of me. Believe me, I have found many of them tired with all the stuff they try to lift with their feeble frames. It’s no fun.

    1. Dearest Nishant,

      I read your comment with great interest.Thanks for spending your precious moment in penning the comment.At the very beginning let me warn you don’t commit the blunder of treating my response as an assault on views expressed by you.I held them in high regard as they are view of a reader who has at least bothered to react taking time out of his/her busy schedule.

      Above all, there should be healthy space for difference of opinion. However, I have my own limitations.One of the main limitations is that when a sensible readers like you make assertions in hurried fashion I have to bring in application my critical mind !!! I always expect something different from sensible readers like you.And when they make a mistake I am taken aback.

      I request you not to treat the response as something aimed at downsizing either your views or your persona.The perceptions inherent in my views are merely the ones that surfaced immediately in my mind after I read your comment. I could have posted a “chalu comment” (stereotyped) -something so common in Hindi blog sphere-as that’s your maiden observation on my post. However,I cannot just fool the readers by faking emotions !!!

      Now let me come to the point !!!! After I read your comment the image of a batsman came in my mind who went in for a sixer the very first ball he played and got clean bowled !!! At least,the batsman should have stayed on the pitch for a longer time besides reading the equations of the game before making an attempt to hit the ball towards the boundary.Naturally, got clean bowled treating a low yorker as full toss !!!

      My friend the gist of the article is not that one should remain above simple ideals.The author also does not suggest that one should discard life mired in simplicity.The author loves simplicity and the post is outcome of the dilemma that has gripped the author’s mind. The author is bit confused and disturbed when he came to write the piece. That’s why in the very beginning he asked a question as to why living a simple life has become a very difficult task nowadays ?

      The stand of the author is very clear.He loves simplicity and is interested in making room for simplicity.That’s why posed this question in beginning that ” Why it’s difficult to be simple?And yes,the author is more than a chosen fool.Have no doubts in this regard. I don’t love a simple life.I simply live a simple life !!!

      That’s the anguish in mind of author. If leaving a simple life is such an easy and desirable state of human life how the hell we Indians have become worshiper of material values ? I mean why a man in league with simple values look such a fool in our times ?

      In the last paragraph of your comment I notice that you endorse the simple values. Though you have presented them to make me realize the power and charm inherent in simple values (as you think I am not in love with them),I will consider them as points that reflect your love for simple values.I appreciate that.

      However,since I am having a critical look at your views I must say had the scenario been so simple wherein people are realizing the importance of living a simple life via their own experiences, I would not have posted the article at all. The article here deals with greater complexities amidst subtle philosophical attributes pertaining with those complexities.

      Just have a look at the response given by Mr.John Monteiro.He has hit the nail on the head.That was the real purport of my article.I will post it on wordpress page.Have a look at it. The situation has become a critical one.Somebody has rightly stated that greater problems cannot be treated via simplistic assertions. You will have to be at a greater plane of consciousness to get at the core of problem. Can’t you see that right from a havaldar(constable) to thanedar (police officer) all are involved in loot and scoot ? Why bhai ? Is that what government has taught them ? Do you know how a havaldar treats a man on bicycle while the thugs roaming in red beacon car gets a salute ? What’s the message ? Drop the bicycle and move in a red beacon car car? Now who is going to provide such a car to all the people on the street ?

      The point is not all people are born to live a high profile life.There will always be some who will move on bicycle simply because they love a simple life away from the tamasha of the maddening world. If that’s the case when the hell these simple people be seen as powerful and as intelligent as people sitting in air conditioned rooms ? Did you get my point ? Unless you begin honouring the guys who love simple values the dream that simplicity will rule the roost will always remain a dream. Till that happens we will always see rise of people having attained wealth via wrong means.We will always find dominance of rich and famous over the people living a simple life.

      In nutshell,you need to do lot to make simplicity gain dominance . I have no problem with display of wealth but the probability of Gandhi’s words coming true is greater than probability of emergence of King Janaka-the supreme representative of detachment amidst wealth.Gandhi is more right if present age is taken into consideration.You cannot make huge wealth unless you give way to corrupt means !!!

      Lastly,I find my dear friend you have to say something about my “about page “.So I should know life more ? Yes, life is a bit complex affair.I should know more.Nothing wrong with what you say.

      However,I have a different view. Nobody can know life.It’s an illusion. Whether I give you 10 days or thousands of years you can never say with confidence after having spent those days that you have understood life ??? So why are asking me to read life more in coming days ? That will make me more mature and worldly wise,isn’t it ? Wake Up Sid !! Your assertion in form of your request is a flawed one. Got it.

      It’s all the matter of perception or experiences.The likes of Shankara, Vivekananda and Gurudutt all died young. So as per your assertion their understanding of life was immature ,isn’t it ? However,it’s just the opposite. The way they understood life will never be understood by thousands of silver heads rolled into one !!

      Hey,don’t assume I am Shankara or Vivekananda…hahhahaha.I am only pointing out the flaw inherent into your request.

      Oh ! The comment has become a long one.Night has also become deeper.Let me go into the arms of sleep..

  5. Conversation on Facebook


    John Monteiro Said :

    Thank you Arvind, I read your blog, very good! Nicely put, and your experience with your friend in the old days, comparing his attitude (and the attitude of the general population) makes one think of where we are all going with not only our… traditional values but what of the next generation’s expectations (ie the boy you mentioned with his mobile comparing to yours, and yet he had not very much … no prospects for the future, hardly clothed well, but held an expensive mobile in his hand…). I feel for the this generation, but more sorry for the next, for they will have a void in their lives that cannot be filled …

    AUTHOR SAID : Monteiroji, It’s one of the best comments on my post.I am posting the comment on my both the sites.I hope you will not mind my gesture.

    I am lost in deep thoughts after reading your comment.Aren’t we moving from nothingness to nothingness ?

    John Monteiro said :

    Hi Arvind …. you have old head on young shoulders! You are only 33 are already have much philosophy in your life. But you are thinking in the right direction …. that is all that matters … concern for others and the future of mankind as it is. Look forward to more essays on many subjects yet to come from this young head … Good Luck!

    AUTHOR SAID : Thanks..I hope the wishes of you people will keep me on the right track.Needless to state,the battle for survival has made living a proper life a tough task. Against this backdrop,it’s the wishes of good souls like you people will alone prove to be handy in times of crisis.


  6. There is an old saying ” the simplest answer is probably the most correct answer’

    Humans are in conflict with nature’s wants and the human emotional wants, although nature drives and manipulates both

    Only a species that doesn’t understand how the species needed to evolve would compare simplicity of life to a chosen life of greedy fools

    Humans have no choice but to strive for bigger and better, even if the struggle means pushing down the the weaker humans into a primeval mush

    There will be a day when humans will understand the working of nature on her number one species but it will never happen as long as new humans entering earth are mind formed by older corrupt humans how earth humans should think and live

    A short-lived individual, living as a so called conscious species that can die from Concepcion to what humans call old age, those human can live a simple or complex life but to nature it doesn’t matter as long as the strongest fewer keep her number one species on top and thus making the universe conscious of self

    When humans are so conditioned to see human invented language grammar errors over a statement or vision, then the simple living humans will be seen as of no value to the species that can’t live without being mind formed by the stronger other

    A thought can never be created or destroyed unless nature, says-so

  7. @JustMeAgain

    Simplicity always rocks 🙂

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