Our world of news and views often gets trapped in flashy events.Against this backdrop,the great gestures of insignificant people often go unnoticed.Most of the time we find ourselves discussing what’s happening in world of politicians and movie stars.Not only we maintain a safe distance from serious discussions but we also fail to take note of some really great job done by common people.Bhulai Ram may be an unknown figure in world of bigwigs living plastic lives but his presence of mind makes him an uncommon man,providing him a larger than life stature than page 3 people.

This man prevented a serious train accident with his presence of mind.On 18th May,2010 Haridwar Express via Lucknow was moving towards its destination in high speed on the Allahabad Pratapgarh route.However, the rail driver as well as the officials were unaware of the fact that a huge portion of the rail track was missing near the Lokapur falling under Mau Aima police station.Bhulai Ram Saroj ,belonging to Bishani village, was as usual on his way to his farmhouse when he came to notice the broken rail track.The broken rail track made his face turn numb with fear.

However, he never lost his sense of reasoning.He came to remember that he was wearing a red underwear. He pulled it out and tied it to one end of stick.He waved it in front of the train arriving towards him at a fast speed.The driver came to see that flag.Suspecting that something is terribly wrong,the driver was left with no other option other than to apply the emergency brake.The driver was in state of shock when he noticed missing rail track. The railway officers who arrived at the spot were full of praises for Bhulai Ram Saroj whose great application of mind in crisis saved so many lives and also prevented huge property loss for the railways.I expect the railway department to punish the people who failed to monitor the railway track.


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    1. Thanks Amit for appreciating the content. I really liked your train journey post. A deep fascination for train journeys had been hallmark of my childhood period. A fascination that kept on increasing as I grew up.

      Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

      -Arvind K.Pandey

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